Thoughts on the Steyr AUG


Hello as You see on my introduction i Used the AUG A1
So i want to know ur opinion about it and other versions and upgrades
Picture to Tunisian Soldier ( 2017 parade )


I loved my aug
I sold it a few years ago when the prices here in the us were through the roof and the shop wasn’t so busy and needed some cash
I’ve been pondering about getting another but I think I’m going to go with a fn fnc instead
The aug is a servicable weapon I live the quick change barrel and the manuverabilty in tight places


yeah it’s really nice and shoots well even i used an old rifle used by many soldiers before me in the army


Good rifle, new for it’s time, but beginning to show it’s age. I’m pretty sure the Aussies are replacing it with the Lithgow F90, which generally improves upon the platform. The original is an absolute classic piece though.


Was it full auto


it had full auto but we don’t use it for better accurate shots


I miss it


the aussies are using thier vesion like long time ago and the EF88 ( F90 ) since 2012


in the AUG trigger it have 2 positions pull once single … pull it all way back full auto … i see only once our DI did full auto because we were running out of time in the shooting range ( which was like 20km from the base in mountain base ) and they emptied what left of the ammo in the targets


I fricken love my FN FNC PARA…
Oh, back to the AUG
I had 3 back in the 1980s… I kept my Black 16" barreled unit for a LONG time before I finally sold it, new in the box.
I now have an A3, and I do still love it. I live it so much I will not convert it to select fire. :grin:
I currently run an Elcan Specter 1-4 on it. Thinking about adding a Yankee Hill Turbo…

I do like the new Magpul mags for it. But obviously I have a few of the factory mags like the 42 round one. Great weapon for a truck gun.
If I were to buy another one, I would get the NATO unit. Being able to run AR mags would help…


I want a Lithgow


i would love to shoot one




I want one so bad lol
My old lady is kinda pissed because I keep looking for one that I want at the right price


B.E.A.utiful rifle!
The Granade is a nice touch too!