Thoughts on this .45-70 rifle


I don’t really know much about this brand. Anyone have this rifle and or know if this is a decent quality brand / rifle?


I own one of these in a black powder muzzle loader. The brand is a more affordable type of brand. You can look at prdersoli rifles too if you want to go fancy.

I own one of them in 45-110.

The cartridge is fun to shoot!

I don’t think you will have a problem with a traditions rifle.


Just out of curiosity, do you own any rifles made by encore? I only ask because you can always get a barrel & change the caliber of your existing gun. Or are you looking at this particular model because of its small stature?


Do you mean aThompson Center encore?


Yes lol, (long day)


Thanks for the reply. How’s the durability of the finish?

Also, I was more looking at the price point (sub $400) and specific cartridges. I’m planning on buying my wife a rifle for her birthday. Something .45-70, .450 Bushmaster, 7mm Rem Mag or something of similar power. I may be leaning towards this .45-70 or a nice inexpensive 7mm Rem Mag.

No, don’t own anything from that brand. We don’t really own many rifles…hence the reason to want to buy her one. Something sort of powerful but also something she can enjoy shooting. The Mosin is pretty bruising to her shoulder and the only other rifles we have are the AR which is already hers and the PS90 doesn’t really go “boom”. Hah,

This will also be a tool needed for when we move to the country. :cowboy_hat_face:


Okay. Big boom, but not painful. Ammo that can be found and purchased… I got it Brother!!!


Or this, I hear the recoil aint bad…:joy:


for me if your not wanting a lot of recoil I would take the 7mm mag of the list. The one I have kills on both ends…hehehehehehehe……I have had a few Traditions rifle and was satisfied but moved to CVA. For me fit and finish is just a bit better and the black powder version just felt better in hand. Now for that price point you can also look at CVA site and see what they have. CVA is more than black powder company now.

I also have two of the Thompson Center weapons. I rifle version with 270 and 243 barrell and a pistol in the 7mm 08. Both of those are pro hunter version and a lot of money.
Speaking of 7mm-08 that’s a lot of power on the working end and not a lot of recoil


That’s not a big boom! Think a little bigger. But I like the price!


So on a casual discussion dropping a seed my lovely wife seems to want a handgun first. So, I’m going to commit this thread to memory for when I buy her that rifle and refocus my efforts on the handgun–which I already know what to get.

Thanks to all who posted!

Oh, and I looked at Thompson and they have some fantastic rifles!


Yes they do. For a few hundred dollars, you can buy another barrel and completely change the gun into a different caliber. I bought one in a 204 Ruger, then I had a custom barrel made at match grade machine in Utah for 25-06. $400 for the custom Barrel but it shoots amazing LOL but they’re standard barrels are still pretty damn good for usually around three hundred bucks or less. Have some trigger work done on the receiver, and you will have one hell of a rifle. Something to keep in mind in the future


Great stuff. I’ll keep that in mind for sure mate.


You can get a thomson center compass for just a little over $300 at Kentucky gun company.


I feel lucky with my TC pro hunter. SS in 270 scoped and have a SS 243 barrel also. I got it in trade for a cheap Ar15 I had less than 500 into it. A friend built the ar and needed money quick so he sold it to me for the price of his parts. I also purchased for $700 a TC pro hunter pistol in 7mm-08. Both of those are at minimum clover leaf weapons if I do my job right


My Encore 25-06 w/SS 26" Match Grade Machine barrel, Leopould scope with varmint reticle. Extremly accurate! Had trigger stoned, sets at a beautiful 2lb pull.



Guns and ammo just did a comparison of the 45-70 and 450 bushmaster more info to have on hand for your future purchases.


Thanks @Jeff300!


Just thought I’d chime in on the Thompson Center stuff. I have a really old Gen 1 frame, a 25th Anniversary frame I used with a rechambered .357 mag barrel to .357 Maximum by Mike Bellm for NRA Silhouette and a very scary 10 inch .445 Supermag barrel with more free recoil than a locomotive and able to leap tall buildings in a single bound, etc.