Thoughts on this scope. Primary arms 4-14x44

So life happened and I am looking at Primary Arms SLx 4-14x44mm FFP Rifle Scope with Illuminated R-Grid 2B reticle.

I’d love to have a swfa but the one I want is now out of my range.
It’s going on an “spr” I may turn into a mk12 mod H.

I’m not nice to my stuff so I really need to know if it’s going to withstand abuse someone like Sage Dynamics would put stuff through.


I have 2 of that scope but 2nd focal plane and mil dot. Dragged them all over the farm on 4wheelers. Still doing good for me. YMMV.


I own approximately 6 or so primary arms optics not including numerous other brands of optics.

If you want an item to be a “go to war” optic then I would suggest one that has been in that theater.

Unfortunately optics/ good glass is what you pay for. My primary arms RDS and 1-6 power acss scopes have been through training many times and they have so far held zero.

I of course would recommend an optic that has a war resume, but I also completely understand that we all have a duty to stay with in budget.


The list of optics is very small in my range and afaict the only real optic the military has used thats tough as nails is an acog that has the worlds shittiest eye relief.


U.S. optics
IOR valdada
ARKEN optics
There are a few more but it would help me greatly if I knew the budget to work with.


The 3.5 ACOG has great eye relief. I agree that the 4 power does lack sufficient eye relief.

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$400 and every optic in that range I’ve never heard of half them or it has no illumination.

Between optics planet, brownells, global ordinance, there is a lot of meh. Yeah I could get a leupold for 400$ but its the line that a lot of people dont have confidence in and to add illumination to a leupold and be good its another grand to the price tag.

Yet I seem to not find anyone who cant find anything wrong with the quality of a PA optic in that range.


I have certainly never had a problem yet, but I will say this, the glass leaves a lot to be desired. If you’re ok with that I say go ahead and buy one.


This one is 439.99 and it comes with a free scope mount. Maybe this would work?


I own the scope you are talking about from primary arms 4-14x44. for the money its gets the jobs done. A nice intro into shooting at distance. The structure and build of it is really good quality. But I will not play up with the glass quality. Starting at 4 power and moving up to 10 power is very clear. After 10 power you will start noticing some side distortion. There are higher versions of the scope in the Platinum line that address this issue. It’s rock solid and the turrets can track really well. I am using a american defense QD extended scope base mount. It is a bit difficult to get it level within the mount from a design point. But once you have your scope crosshairs parallel with the rifle bore it is just a simple process of tightening to spec and being patient.

One of the most important things when using the BDC is to know your rifles Barrel twist and the grain weight of the projectile you’re using. I neglected this fact and was using 55 grain and in a 1 in 7 twist Barrel. You can obviously imagine the catastrophe at a hundred yards. Once I bumped it up to 69 grain and soon to 75 grain in the future. It was dead on and had a repeated point of impact within 1.5 MOA. Other groups were tighter but that was probably due to my Barrel getting hot and not having the barrel be copper fowling cleaned out.

If you ever feel that you are in trouble always go to the manual. If you have doubts go to the manual it will save you time and tears and not having yourself sound like a idiot on the phone explaining to customer service how their scope is the problem and not yourself LOL