Thread adapter for CZ Scorpion?


Hey guys, I want to add a Silencerco Omega 9K to my Scorpion. Do I need a thread adapter and if so does Silencerco make one for it ?. Is there a direct thread for it.



Silencerco does make an adapter for the CZ scorpion… It’s available on the Silencerco website under Accessories…

To find it- look for accessories for the Octane. It’s called an Octane Fixed mount, Chose “18x1 (CZ Scorpion Evo3)”

It’s AC1348 for the part number, and works on the Octane, Omega 9k, and Hybrid ( as far as I know )… I use one on the Hybrid…

Other places like USMachinegun also makes adapters; quality is far less than what the Silencero mount is ( I’ve seen it ). I would not trust the USMachinegun adapter though. The inner diameter is barely larger than the bore of a 9mm; too close to trust.

Please note that some Scorpions have dual threads apparently on the muzzle, one covered by a thread protector that is 1/2x28… My pistol- I have to use the 18x1 Octane Fixed Mount. The Octane mount aligns itself off from the front of the muzzle- which is preferred to an adapter that might not (the USMachineGun mount ).