Tightening the Screws 🪛 🪛

@LibertyDoll has done another great video

If you’re a Christian conservative gun owner you need to be aware



So now its the Christians fault huh? Yeah, next thing will be all Christians or any one professing belief in Jesus Christ . It is a plot to stamp out the resistance. Without any Christians they can live like hell and do whatever hell bids them do.


Well yeah, duh, all that helping your brother bit could put the nanny state out of business, and since much of that business relies on crime, then stopping it is bad for business.

We know war is big business, but do we understand how much crime accounts for it as well?

Peace and freedom are both counter productive to the machine $y$tem

It promotes independence and prosperity, so people, Christians in particular, promoting loving your neighbors, helping the needy, and having weapons and ideas of a defensive posture… that’s all bad for business

Crazy thought… what is hell if not a giant eternal prison?

Seems a Christian lifestyle can save us from three prisons…

Two are obvious, the third is more conceptual, more difficult to perceive…

I like that scene, “its all around you” as if , imagine, movies with messages, how bold can they get before people caught on?

Of course they are just amuse’ment, nothing to mus’ic either,

Though there is a comparison to be made to parables

Or just listening in general

Colored pills and ditty bop shades that change your perception, doubt they’d sell well.

“A needle” refers to any needle. “The needle” would refer to a specific needle. This is not a mistake. Greek is an incredibly precise language and definite articles (the) are hard to confuse with an indefinite article (a).

precision mixed with ambiguity :hugs:

Got to love it!


I always thought it was a night gate into Jerusalem.



Not just Jerusalem but other walled cities as well, it was the access for which a camel could lower itself to the ground and then crawl essential through the small portal still loaded.


That article closed opposite the way the title leads…

Jesus literally says that the point of bringing up the whole camel and needle thing in the first place was to say that it is impossible. He’s intentionally using an absurd image to talk about something that can’t happen! If his words aren’t enough to put the final nail in the coffin of the gate theory, I don’t know what would be.

Though who can turn down reading a good conspiracy theory?

Its an analogy that makes sense, especially for Americans, we are so incredibly wealthy in comparison to other nations, @Sarge4206th posted a cycle many times that shows we have to get to a poor state to again rise up to a great state, i.e. be humbled by defeat.

Another good example of this same message

Look at the current Pope, from a vow of poverty to head of the Church… think on that :thinking:


Look at me , a nobody, from nowhere ,with nothing to a child of the King


This stuff about the FBI looking for anybody who bought a Bible really concerns me, too, as a Jew. If they oppose the Christian Bible for political reasons, those same political reasons would lead them to persecute Jews.


Despite that self serving expression I feel you may have a bit of a soft spot for your adopted brothers

so come on…

bring it in


You are dead on the money @MusashiAharon consider the fact that most of the Old testament is nearly word for word with Jewish text or with small variance. I gaurantee you they will seek you as well. They are out for one thing and that is to remove all Zionist and Christian religious peoples . Why ? Because they consider us the opposition. We all fight for freedom of religion and freedom from oppression. I am just gonna say it. So hope I dont get banned for this but . Islamic religions are completely about domination and killing all Christians and Jews and line up perfectly with the communist loving scum bags we have in office now.


The Old testament the Pentatuach outlines Who God is how he created man and woman and how he presented himself to the Jews and to Abraham etc…


Happy Bugs Bunny GIF by Looney Tunes


Not being banned from here should not be what you hope as you condemn all Islamic religions.

Do Christians and Jews not have zealous extremists that can be highlighted by a third party for nefarious purposes?

If all, Islam, Christian and Jewish religions can be seen to have extremists then how does one rise above the others?

while rendering agape sometimes ‘love,’ sometimes ‘charity ,’ did not follow the dilectio and caritas of the Vulgate, but used ‘love’ more often (about 86 times), confining ‘charity’ to 26 passages

agapē “brotherly love, charity,” in Ecclesiastical use “the love of God for man and man for God,”

Do you not see your comment

is one of a Christian extremist?

Not brotherly love

Jesus is the Son of God, by who’s sacrifice we can also become Sons of God

Does the Son condemn?

How can we shine His light and love if we condemn?

What do Jews think of Christian salvation?

or think of you?

Abraham was the father of other prophets (Ishmail and Isaac) and the grandfather of Prophet Jacob. He is also one of the ancestors of the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him). Abraham is recognized as a great prophet among believers in the monotheistic faiths, such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam.

The Quran repeatedly describes the Prophet Abraham as a man who believed in One True God, and was a righteous example for us all to follow:

If you can converse with a Jew who does not accept your Jesus

failed messiah… no single Jewish view on most matters, there is no single Jewish view about Jesus of Nazareth: some Jews regard him as a wise rabbi, others view him as a heretic; some find inspiration in his teachings, others take offense at his claims.

some who may curse you 3x daily,


how do you not hold the same contempt for Jews as you do Islam?

Luther, the protestants champion did

he wrote several lengthy tirades against the Jewish people. In one major treatise, “On the Jews and Their Lies,” he called upon Christians to burn Jewish homes, schools and synagogues and destroy Jewish prayer books.

Answer, spoon fed hate from MSM, if we all hate one another we’re easier to control and it won’t even be known by us.

MSM will turn on Christians, as the OP indicates, then your comments will fuel rather than defend


Because I am adherent to the Bible and God said the Jews are His chosen people. We are told they will love Jesus in the end. Islam however is a false religion that was even started and dreamed up by a fuy who was rejected by his own country so he went and found a bunch of killers came back and through force Nd death forced his rule over his country and set up a false counter religion to Judaism.

If they would here I would witness to them but, I have reservations as to that.

He that believeth on him is not condemned: but he that believeth not is condemned already, because he hath not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
John:3:18For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world; but that the world through him might be saved.
John:3:17And Jesus said, For judgment I am come into this world, that they which see not might see; and that they which see might be made blind.


The Bible is a testament,

how will all men come to believe if you use it to condemn?

Yes, and then what happened?

Did they not break their covenant with Him?

And in so doing did He not offer a new covenant of blood?

One where all are equal, Jews as well?

Don’t we all have to convert?

I’m not arguing that, how do you convert if you condemn?

Its an open carry thread.

You also believe Catholicism is a false religion no?

Yet does the Pope display reservations?

So just watch as they die?

Is that the Lords will and testament?

We all can repent now, or regret forever, such as the worms

Worm N. 3. Remorse; that which incessantly gnaws the conscience; that which torments.


This should be no shock to Christians.
It was written long ago.

Our Christian country has fallen to the satanists.

We know it, they know it, and The Donald is the last chance for a revival back to God.

We also know we will fail, They will win, and we will be executed.


No, just its set hierarchy.

Like I said if they will hear .
If they dont want to hear then they are condemned already. I provided the versus that say just that.

That verse happens to be commonly thought to be the precise reason that the gathering out of the church has not taken place yet. Because there are still that must come to him. Now how many are left is unknown only God know who the last person is that will accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour. I dont know who all is in that last bunch but I do know that the hate they have for us blinds them to the truth.


Of course it is. It is a testament of the Word
And his words are plain. If they wont believe then they are condemned. We can be a witness if they won’t hear then well ,you know the answer.


And those who don’t believe in the


That such a hierarchy can hold captive or set free

anyone subject to it


Who was the first to profess such a thing?

What are they up to these days?

It is a hierarchy , that’s how God does things, rebellion is how someone else does things

All things in order, all creatures in order, stars, planets, seasons, days, angels

Everything except the Church?

Who do you think would want you to believe that?


I think you know what I refer