Time for a new iwb holster.


So does anybody have any recommendations for an iwb holster? Im thinking either Bravo Concealment or Raven Concealment, Ive tried different versions of both of these and im kind of stumped on what to go with. I am not interested in going through a custom shop for this, either.

  • Raven Concealment
  • Bravo Concealment
  • Other

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Been looking for a holster myself.
Does anyone have experience with these in everyday use?
Does it dig into your side or back?
How is it driving sitting?
Lots of questions.
Looking for real world experience of pros as well as cons on carry holsters.


I hesitated to vote cuz I haven’t tried all that many including the two in your poll.
But I’ve tried Crossbreed, Alien Gear, and sone other inexpensive ones.
I carry IWB all day every day and I’m perfectly happy with my Alien Gear. I wear it at about the 3:30 position and have no discomfort with it standing sitting or driving.
Again I haven’t tried everything on the market. I’m more the if it ain’t broke don’t fix it mindset.


I try to be but I get bored. My last ones were a bladetech iwb and A “We the People” holster. I forgot all about Alien gear, I will have to see what they have.


I can’t vote, I hate inside the waistband carry. I only go outside the waistband or the shoulder rig


I recommend Green force tactical.



Cool, thanks. The Berkut 2 actually looks pretty neat.


I wish these manufactures would post photos showing folks with different dress options.
Very few do.
After all it is ‘concealabilty’ we are striving for.


You could email them and request some pics.