Tip o' the hat to Robert


Robert, just want to say you (and anyone else envolved if any) are doing a great job with catagory re-org.

Much cleaner and easier to navigate.


Bit overwhelmed looking at all the detail but its going to make things a ton better & easier once im better acquainted with the set up. As ive said before i suck at technology! I know i play hell trying to go back to older threads and find something of importance. This new set up should make it much more organized & easier. Thank you


Agreed! Very thankful for the help!


I’m usually resistant to change but I see good things happening here. A big ‘thank you’ as well for all the time and effort.


Definitely feels more like a forum. Looking good! :+1:


Forums are looking damn fine this morning. Quite a change from one week ago. Good job gents.


Thanks go to Nick for the trust.


@Robert Just out of curiosity, why did we change all the general population categories to blue?


Brown didn’t seem to fit the the other board colors

unfortunately these are web safe colors and often look like a box of crayons, I’d like to have LEO in blue and the rest green (except red & black ones) but the green screams overcooked

Is the blue a problem?

would these look good in our board green?


you have a far better gripe on it than any of us right at this moment so colour away.


Blue is great. I was just curious. I like it better than the brown because it stands out more.



had me sweatin it :sweat: