Tn red flag laws

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Whats up with the title, issues in TN?



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I think once red flag laws go to the higher courts they’ll be defeated. In the meantime they just suck for so many reasons.


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I’m guessing that it’s a reference to the Tennessee legislature special session that is supposed to start Monday.

The (republican) governor originally stated that he wanted a red flag law (though he used some newer terminology for it). The republican majority in the legislature replied that they weren’t interested in a special session and weren’t interested in passing any gun control laws. The governor, whose wife was a close friend of the two women murdered in the Nashville school shooting a few months ago, backed off on pushing for a red flag law, but went ahead with officially calling the special session.

Republicans in the legislature have since indicated that they won’t be considering gun control, but will look at things like school security, availability of mental health treatment, the issue of juvenile courts not locking up offenders (Nashville juvenile court is particularly bad about this), and improving the TICS background check system (which is a gun control issue, but hopefully they will stay focused on how records are handled).

Democrats in the legislature have asked why republicans want to confine people in mental wards and imprison convicted people (doing this all against the will of the person being locked up), when it would be so much easier to just take their guns away.

Fortunately, democrats are becoming more rare in state government, and somehow a republican actually has a shot at getting elected mayor of Nashville in the upcoming mayoral runoff.

Unfortunately, there are a few new anti-gun groups operating in middle TN, and they are already working on recruiting people to show up for the legislature’s special session. There are also rumors that out-of-state groups have already booked a lot of rooms in Nashville hotels - something the legislature warned the governor would happen, when they asked him to give up on the special session.

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