To be an American.


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Goes right along with this:

You will NOT tell me what to eat. You will NOT tell me what to drive. You will NOT tell me what to wear. You will NOT tell me what kind of weapon to shoot. You will NOT tell me what to think. You will NOT tell me where to live. You will NOT compel me to be like you in any way, shape or form! I was born a free man, I have lived a free man, I will die a free man, I would hope by natural causes but if it is the providence of GOD’s will I should die fighting for my freedoms, then I will still die a free man.

CHRIST shed HIS blood that my soul would be free after I leave this world. Many brave and honorable people gave everything they had so that I could live as a free man in this GREAT UNITED STATES of AMERICA. I see no shame or dishonor if it is so that GOD has ordained that my blood should be spilled to protect those same rights for others. But know that I, and many other Americans feel this way and are willing to make that sacrifice to keep this a free nation.

DSA/dnc IS the greatest enemy of the USA in the world…next to the scotus!!! And they will prove it in November!


The American Creed is a statement of the defining element of American identity, first formulated by Thomas Jefferson and elaborated by many others, that includes liberty, equality, individualism, populism, and laissez faire. Not to be confused with Dean Alfange’s “An American’s Creed”.


I did some research on this. It was written in 1952 by a man named Dean Alfange. Ironically, he was a prominent liberal activist and commentator. You will never hear a liberal speak those words today, that’s for sure.