To disclaimer or not to disclaimer


My intro to my videos is about 30 seconds (probably 20 seconds too long) however I put a disclaimer in to try to protect me from someone doing something stupid. What is everyone’s thoughts on disclaimers on videos?


Its not stupid, it may be stupid to think some stupid wouldn’t attempt stupid then call you stupid in a lawsuit


I think you should keep the disclaimer. But if it’s text being displayed for too long, you might put off some folks. What about voicing it at the beginning (where you’re engaged with the audience) and also putting it in print in the description?


That. And keep it simple.
“Don’t do anything STUPID.”


@EQuinn It is some text but it has a link to my webpage with the disclaimers. And I read the slide in the video while it is up.


oh it is in the beginning as well.


@mquinn55 I so wish that I could just have a slide that says “Don’t do anything STUPID” Maybe I can put in a request to Full30 to have my channel reservation changed from “The Rogue Banshee” to “Don’t do anything stupid” :slight_smile: