To exclusive to be worth it


Full 30, as it seems to me, is attempting to replace you tube as a place for gun channels and thats great but it seems like maybe Full 30 is to exclusionary. Full 30 talks alot about rights but doesn’t seem to be much different than you tube in so much as they think they should get to decide who has a voice and what they may say.
You can not replace you tube if your just a rebranded You Tube. You exclude James Yeager, Regular Guys Training and many others such as Nutnfancy.
If its about language such as Regular Guys training causing then I think its time to grow up and remember sticks and stones.
Don’t complain about you tube trying to control content while you be even more severe and anti-first Amendment than they are. Either you support the Bill of Rights or you don’t no damned cherry picking on freedom or your just the NRA too.
Man up, get with the program or your on the same fast track to the dust bin with you tube to keep you company.


I hear you. With the way YouTube is going there’s not going to be any place for new content creators to post videos to get popular enough to qualify for Full 30. Without supporting new content creators then there is no hope to grow the site. Especially with YouTube opening moving to suppress firearms content.


I would agree that a fully functional site where all can upload would be ideal but gaining critical mass for popularity in this community is tough. YouTube just has that reach. Although it does now feel like the old days where almost no website except for yahoo had any decent reach. I sort of love it in that way.


Firstly, Full30 isn’t blocking content/creators for political reasons. There are very real monetary concerns. YouTube had the financial means to expand, particularly after being acquired by Google, but it still didn’t happen over night. Remember when Youtube limited the length of videos? No matter what, bandwidth costs money. Full30 is still a small operation with a limited number of sponsors and therefore limited resources. Opening the flood gates to any and all contributors would cause significant growing pains that could collapse Full30. Even with Googles backing YouTube is insolvent.

As to “Don’t complain about you tube trying to control content while you be even more severe and anti-first Amendment than they are”
It is not a matter of 1A rights(particularly since they don’t apply to private entities). Youtube is showing a clear BIAS and acting to silence those who do not confirm that bias. They are also changing the rules mid-game. Full30 NEVER said they wanted to be YouTube. They never said that they wanted to be an “open forum” for anyone to post on. Rather, they aimed to provide a platform for quality firearms related content.


If full 30 can’t fund the expansion they require then crowd fund, open a patreon account, or a paypal but before that happens make a commitment to expand to an open door policy AND allow advertisers to buy ads just like you tube does. Im sure the guns ammo and accessories manufactuers and the outlets who sell will pay well for such targeted advertising.
I’m sure this page could garner more money and I’ll bet most people on here already donate to one or more gun channels or prepper channels on Patreon, Yes I do donate to Warrior Poet Society so I’m not just talking.
Now as for the First Amendment I know damn well it doesn’t apply to private entities but when your all talking on You Tube you talk about you tube being anti-Second Amendment so if your gonna talk about them cherry picking the Bill of Rights you can’t then turn around and cherry pick too.
But all that aside the time is now if there is to be a replacment to You Tube for guns and gun related channels the time is now, not a year from now. Just like Facebook is dying and will be replaced and all the others who didn’t get to the finish line first will die too thats the choice full 30 has to make now too.
oh and not allowing someone like James Yeager who pulls more viwers than anyone except Demolition Ranch kinda hints at the fact Full 30 is not “in it to win it” but wants to cherry pick and control content.


The channels currently on Full30 already use part of their respective Patreon income to fund the site. Full30 sells advertising as well. The reality is that they aren’t bringing in Coca-Cola or Superbowl ad revenue. Firearms, and related content, are a niche market for advertisers.

Again, that would be a MASSIVE undertaking. Youtube costs $700 MILLION a year to run and only takes in $240M in advertising. The other issue is the need to control the brand. They do NOT have Google money to monitor each and every video that could be uploaded with an open door policy. One anti-gun person uploads one illegal video(kiddy porn), and Full30 is GONE. Crowd funding, Patreon and advertising is NOT going to supply that money anytime soon.

YouTube has an anti-2A BIAS as part of its business model. No one has suggested that they are VIOLATING peoples 2A rights(or 1A rights for that matter). There is a major difference.

Has Yeager shown any interest in joining Full30? It seems he is trying to do his own thing(egos and needing to be the big dog and all that)…

Have ANY of the content creators, that new members to this site clamor to have added, shown interest? Are any of THEM willing to cough up some of their Patreon or sponsor money to help expand the site?


Full 30 is small and young. Give them time. YouTube didn’t happen overnight. Sponsors don’t happen overnight. I would love to see them expand into other areas such as survival/camping, knives and such topics, but I work security at a data center. I see what it takes to keep the place going and it’s not cheap. That means server space is not cheap. Give these guys the time that they need to get fully up and running.


ok, I’ll check back in a year and see if your still around. Honestly, best of luck.


We are all one group 2nd amendment, guns,reloading ECT. Let stop bitching and pull together. Stop this crap.


Said it a few times, I’d be perfectly willing to drop $9.99/ month subscription to this site. If everyone who’s griping would do the same, this joint would be pretty solvent in a fairly short amount of time.


First post ever on this site. Reading this post, can only take your word for it right now. I appreciate watching videos and reading posts that are fun and educational, when discussing firearms.
Although sites like YouTube and Facebook are systematically (and selectively) eliminating any access to our second amendment rights by denying responsible and professional presentations of gun safety, assembly, cleaning and proper use of products that help inform new users and customers, they will be sure to pick some of the most rediculous examples from their archives to state their case. And unfortunately, with the help of the bought and paid for “media”, it will win over the majority of the uninformed population.
I hope this site has a more professional standard when openly discussing firearms.
YouTube and Facebook purposely allowed unsafe, unprofessional, and unknowlegable people to post with the same legitimacy as the real teachers and assets to the firearms community. And in the coming weeks and months, they will certainly pull those videos up to support their narrative.
I hope this site does it right.


How are we all one 2nd Amendment group if only some of us get a voice? I will not be part of any organization where some are more equal than others.


You have a voice here.


I hear you Czech…I do know several content creators who have requested to be allowed to post and were turned down; not micro channels either, but with 1000’s of subscribers. Most people who do this sort of thing do want to make some money with it, hence, the need for a method of regular income for the site. I’ve suggested a monthly subscription, and I’ve seen the suggestion of a per-video fee. Both would work, but also, somehow, this place needs to get 2A ad revenue flowing. Make offers to Cabelas, Midwayusa (they have a bunch of HowTo-advertisment videos on Youboob that are going to be against policy in any case!), Sportsmans Guide, Powder Valley, or pretty much any of the gun/shooting supply/reloading gear vendors out there who make a significant portion of their sales online.


There will be more and more content needing a home. If you go on many of the big name gun manufacturer sites, they have their content on YouTube - explaining the features, cleaning and breakdown instructions, etc. All these videos will need a home. They will also have unwanted advertising dollars sitting around looking for a great place to spend them. I don’t know if Full 30 is the place, but it’s a good option for now.


And those big name manufacturers will move to the head of the line in this elitist dump. Does anyone know how to quit this place? I’m sitting here searching all the buttons and I cannot seem to find the button labeled “don’t let the door hit you in the ass”. If a mod does see this post, please eliminate me, cancel my membership to full30, complete waste of time. When you all get your heads out of your pompous asses perhaps we can meet again.


agreed. I was about to post a PSA on my youtube telling my subscribers to come here but now I cant because i wasn’t “Invited” what a joke.


Hi Guys,

We are opening up the platform soon. Anyone will be able to create a channel and share their own video content! In the meantime, you can reserve your channel here:


your an idiot good bye


thanks for the opportunity.