To Sig, or not to Sig?


I love to Sig … my kind of “50 Shades of Grey” :slight_smile:

P320 X-Carry & P230 SS

latest addition P210 Target


I approve of this message.


very nice, sergetoll.

I have the Sig P238 HD - I like it a lot (too), though still not a good shot with it, yet.

So, is the P210 as accurate as its reputation makes it out to be?


p210 is awesome … that was a first time before my cataract removed


So, sergetoll, sounds like you would recommend buying/owning a P210 - right?

Nice grouping, by the way.


buy !!!


@sergetoll, you have Sig itis welcome to the sig holic’s self help group, you also have a ZT Affliction, there is no known cure for any of your ailments!
On a serious note you have very nice collection of Sig’s you have excellent taste in knives as well!


thanks… I do not have a lot of knives, but some of them are very nice. :slight_smile: