Todays Match (central Maine)

The weather was perfect for a match, and there were 5 stages. I didn’t shoot one because the port was low and I have too many knee surgeries. I don’t need any more cartilage removed so I passed on it. The RO didn’t shoot it for the same reason. But it was an enjoyable match anyway. There were 2 DQs on “my” squad. One new guy swept himself as he was holstering while on the ground for the “knee” stage. After that the RO had everyone lay their guns on the shooting box and bend down to pick it up and holster while standing.

I shot PCC and led my division even after not shooting the knee stage. I also was lowest scorer in PCC since I was the only PCC shooter :laughing: . New RO… on one stage I was told to holster it after making it safe. Smiles from me. But he did fine. I’m certainly glad I’m not a RO.

For 2 years my PCC has been giving me fits with malfunctions. This gun (B&T GHM9) should NOT malfunction so I figured it was something I was doing. It was. I made one change early on and that made it better, but I figured maybe the ammo was underpowered. It would run in testing and practice, but for competition it would malfunction once in awhile. I loved the 160 grain loads, but the reject rate was high and of course the malfunctions were terrible. I have no idea when I made the new ammo. Maybe I have a 2nd personality that made them. But the 147 grain loads ran fine today with no malfunctions. It’s really nice not to have malfunctions but the clearance drills were worth practicing. I managed to find 2k of the same bullets (components, not ammo) to make sure I have enough until my cast bullets get worked out and in stock. I’ve never cast bullets before.

Anyway, it was an enjoyable match and a fine 1/2 day spent with other shooters.


I need a green envy emoji installed :slightly_smiling_face:


Me too, sorry I missed it. At least I didn’t DQ today. :wink: And good score on the projectiles.


Robert I would be willing to bet matches are held within driving distance for you. I might lose the bet, but I’d be willing to bet.

Go here:

then scroll down to find an affiliated club near you.

When I first started I was all sorts of nervous, but that’s just part of the head game. Today I was the first shooter on the first stage in our squad after the 5 month winter lay off. Cool as a cucumber.



Joe, there will be more matches and the next one you attend you’ll have a repaired body.


Yeah, we may have a different view of what that means :wink:


I keep renewing my memberships but not 100% sure why, haven’t done a match in four years I’d guess


Only an hour & a half going the recommended legal speed limit. Bet you could make it in 57 minutes easy :+1:


How many gas cans to the mile does that van get? :thinking: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I drive for an hour at 78 mph (up to 85+ at times) to get to the range where todays match was held.

People show up who tack on another 90 minutes to that.


Yeah, it’s an hour or so for me too.


Also check here Matches Search | PractiScore


Another match this w/e. A 6 stage all classifier match. The weather forecast appears to be good. It costs more than a match with only one classifier, but it can allow a new shooter who wants to join USPSA to get classified. I just wish they held these later in the season and not so soon while we’re still trying to come back from not shooting over the winter. Oh well, it is what it is. Normally they hold these all classifier matches to be held after a new shooter clinic, but that hasn’t happened for 2 seasons running now. So there’s no reason not to have this match later in the season. There must be a reason that I’m not seeing.


Good luck and have fun. I was reading an article last night that said the ammo shortage is starting to affect turnout at matches and training classes.


I believe it. Last weeks match should have been attended better. But not everyone can stack ammo high and deep when it’s available. Some folks have responsibilities.


In Florida they did those in the middle of the summer. Quick to setup and quick to shoot. Their ain’t no off season down here.


Yup. I shoot with a snowbird and he shoots during our winter. It almost has me convinced to fly south, except I don’t like FL very much. At least not what I’ve seen of it.

It’s not that shooting stops for us in the winter, but it goes indoors and I just can’t take that.


The weather at the start of the match was heavy overcast, raw, and cold in the mid 40s with a breeze. A wonderful recipe for hypothermia. I almost didn’t bring a heavier jacket, but did and it was worth having. I wore shorts under my sweat pants thinking I would remove the long pants, but never did. But it didn’t rain as the forecast promised.

The match itself was a 6 stage classifier. And the stages were varied. One required shooting from the prone and I was certain that my SBR PCC would do fine. I wasn’t so certain of the old SOB at the controls in the prone. Another required shooting from the left hand side of a barricade and I’m a righty. I practiced shooting left shouldered but right handed. I need more practice but it’s the way to go.

My medical conditions showed up but I did what I could and eventually got where I was supposed to be. I was asked how I was today and replied, “Not too bad for a 95 year old man.”. The problem is that I’m not 95.

Despite the weather conditions it was a fun match. 31 people showed up and there were no DQs. One shooter on “my” squad was shooting full house 10mm and was asked what it cost him for ammo, $300 was the answer. Better him than me. But his steel went down with authority no matter where it was hit. My steel went down too, first hit (no waiting to watch) and I shoot 147gr 9mms @ 860 fps (minor PF). Mass makes a difference. But of course good hits. No one that hit the steel had the steel stand so no calibration checks.

I thought I did pretty good, but using the USPSA classifier calculator I was square where I already am, a C class shooter. I wish I could move better. My shooting doesn’t suck. I need to figure out where to streamline what I do to cut time.

So I’m an old SOB and I shoot competitively and here’s a challenge. How was your shooting? If you don’t shoot competitively why not? Afraid a different old SOB will kick your butt? Anyone can shoot static paper from a static bench. That’s no test of shooting skill. It’s only a test of what the gun will do.

OK, that was my hard sell. :rofl:

I actually WANT you to beat the old SOB in shooting but unless you take him on you’ll never know. BTW, a C class shooter (that would be me) isn’t all that great. In school it would be a C there too, and it’s just average for competition. But probably better than 99% of folks who think they can shoot. I want you to prove me wrong. Seriously, I want you to be better than me. It’s not hard.


Glad you had a good time today, you did better than I could have. $300 that is dedication.


People are real friendly and happy to help new shooters.

Don’t believe him go to a match.


I believe as I experienced it, owning guns, backyard and range lanes don’t make you a proficient shooter, practice with the guys, running and gunning, that does :+1: