Tom Arnold: 80 Percent Of Gun Owners Shoot Themselves Or Family



I saw this:


I went off on them. Then I realized later they might just be trolls for our side. I am not really sure actually. Not sure if I should be sorry or not.


You have to be, sorry its got this bad.


What a total and complete dumb a$$.


Hell, if you’re stupid enough to marry Roseanne, you shouldn’t be listened to anyway.


80% yet none of their family has shot one of the numb skulls yet​:joy::joy:


well if you do the math the gun grabbers would win because they would be the designated survivors and we the gun owners would have managed to have killed ourselves off.



Do we really want to stoop so low as to accept or promote baloney (BS) ? I hope not!

Regardless of someone’s motivation, we should strive to promote the truth. Otherwise, we are no better than the liberals.

There is an old saying: Conservatives get mad if you don’t tell them the truth. Liberals get mad if you do.


I agree. They look too real. In fact I am still not sure who they are or what they represent. I have seen other stuff from them that is similar, but I think they are a parody of Moms Demand Action. But I think they are too subtle and they look too similar - just dumber. I still don’t like it.