Took the girls to the range today

I don’t get as many chances as I would like to take my wife(52) and my daughter(13) to the range. Today I insisted and we went. With the limited outings it’s hard for my daughter to keep her level of comfort with the guns. After a few mags she got right back into the flow. She was pinging that bad guy consistently with the .22 to start and then with my XD9 and the XDS9. That was fun to watch. I shot some, but let them do most of it. I know that I should never get into a gun fight with my wife. That girl can shoot.
After the pistol range we moved over to the rifle range. They were having a ball with the .22 for a while. Then I set up my Mini14 and they tore up some targets with that. It was REALLY hot out, so we didn’t stay too long. Before we left I got out my trapdoor and tried out the reloads. After scrubbing the bore and a good cleaning (last month) it did well enough so I’ll be comfortable using it for deer.
All in all, a good day of shooting.

Almost forget. Got in a few mags of 30 carbine as well.


Sounds like a blessed day :grinning:


awsome! Way to go Dad!


I started teaching my middle daughter to shoot, at a 100 yards with. Ruger precision rifle .22 she clustered at 2 inches with a 15 round magazine on the red…I stopped teaching!!..little shit!!:joy::wink: good job though bud!!


I keep getting told…
didn’t happen if there are no pictures
but time to take the family shooting again.


I have a flip fone with a rotary dial, so pics are difficult, to say the least.


Dig out that 35mm Canon brother! :grin:


Start them Young and Teach Teach Teach!!!


love it. My kids would have been14 now so they would have broke me at the range. But hey, not anything I wouldn’t pay or give up to have that chance just once. Enjoy my friends. Closest I get is taking friends kids. Most of my friends don’t own guns but they trust the wife and myself to treat them well and keep them safe.
Good parenting and I have to admit, pics or no pics, I am jealous


Your post brought tears to my eyes. I’m sorry to hear you had to go thru that. My other daughter would be 19 now. I have so much to be grateful for.



That’s some good stuff mate. I love reading / hearing about this sort of stuff.

My aunt, who’s not a firearm person at all, just won a Ruger Mk IV (guessing based on description) at a raffle from her company and wants to have my wife and I take her to the range. I’ll need to go over safety with her first at her house though. I don’t like doing that stuff at the range for first time shooters. Better to do that in a comfortable setting for them where anxiety doesn’t exist do they soak up more useful knowledge. Anxiety is armory retention blocker. But I’ve rambled enough. :cowboy_hat_face:


invest in some drill rounds / snap caps - it helps in the training experience - plus it helps demonstrate the operation and loading. That and the what if drills.


Already got that covered on snap caps! I’m a huge believer in those as training tools. Helps when I simulate a stove pipe especially.