ToolCraft BCG


ToolCraft BCG
Anyone run one? on sale for $79, thinking about grabbing a couple for future


Don’t look too bad for the price.


Toolcraft is good to go. They make a lot of other companies’ bcgs. I have a couple of them.


Same here Toolcraft is GTG :+1:t2:


Thanks, probably grab a couple at that price


Toolcraft is good stuff.


Trying to find out if these are cut for semi only operation
WA State law is more stringent then feds regarding parts that could be used for full auto.


I live right on the Oregon/Washington border and I bought a “full auto” bcg from a store in Tri Cities WA not to long ago . When did they outlaw full auto bcgs?


Been that way for a very long time here I think a lot of them are sold unknowingly and I doubt most people could tell the difference I’d rather not spend my days fighting the legal system just in case


Lots of information on the web. If they come in semi automatic rifles then they are not “solely” for the use in FA guns is the more common interpretation. I stand corrected, but cautious!


I bought one of Aero Precisions full auto type bcg at an LGS. They are stocked all over the place in SW Washington too…or were.