Tools in the gun community... and I'm not talking wrenches

So as many of you know, I am all over the place on social media. Helps me stay on top of what’s new, who’s new, and how the overlords are trying to take stuff away.
Another shooter posted a safety detent that was destroyed after much use. He asked if anyone else carried spares or if they had failed.
I commented that no, I have not had one fail but I have had plenty of customers who have.
You see, I like my safety to be just a certain way… not to hard, quiet but positive… I achieve this by running basically only one brand of safety on my ARs and one type of detent… then I work some magic (polishing and lightening of the spring) Cerakote… and I have “My” perfect safety.
I do this a lot… and have done this a lot. No doubt others do not and can have issues.
I totally agree one should keep spare parts!
But on the other hand… setup in the first place helps prevent oops from happening. No, not everyone can run out and buy expensive parts or know how to adjust their weapons in the first place. I 100% understand this!
The issue I have is his responce to me… “so your guns never break down on you on the range or in the field? Cool story bro.”

What did I do to him to make him butthurt? Have no idea… he is a “professional” shooter I guess, has a cool enough page. While you can never get along with everyone, there does need to be a level of professionalism especially when you do not know who you are talking to.
I see it here a bit too… and that’s why I am bring it up actually. Someone takes something out if context or… miss reads something… OR thinks they know every possible situation that ever has or will exist.
I have had clients bring stuff in to my shop that I have to really control myself about not laughing or reaching over the counter and bitch slapping them.
But hey, I get it… we all want to be heard.
One would think if someone takes the time in this fast paced world to post a reply, even a short one… that maybe you can take the time to read it for what it is. Good or bad. Sure, there are the trolls and everything else out there too.
But we are under attack from all directions! So why attack each other?
I certainly do not know everything, or have seen everything…
So I learn, teach, and make an effort to understand. But sometimes when the dog snaps at you it is easier to just walk away.
I hope that never happens here.


Can you actually disprove that I don’t know everything, you self centered, ego maniac, won’t let me get a word in edgewise, know it all, gun humpin, son of a wombat fuc%er?! :rofl: jk, good read. You make some great points from a common sense prospective.


It is not only the gun community. There are tools on my optometrist forum as well. There are tools in all social media platforms. Many of those people are not that way in person. There is just something about the anonymity of a keyboard and screen that brings out the ass in people.
FWIW, I see it less here than most places


^ Ditto. Don’t get me started on automotive forums.


The world is full of tools. I get people on my how to videos that go off about the dumbest things. I had one guy go off because I didn’t say clean the threads before putting blue loctite on. Just had some P&M about my ring lapping video about just get good rings, or why didn’t you talk about torquing the screws for the caps, or use a feeler gauge to make sure the cap is even. I just roll my eyes on these people. All we can do is make a suggestion. It’s up to them to listen.


Yeah, you are ALL right! I was just expecting a bit more from the guy who did it tonight… maybe his game and 22,000 followers means he can be an ass. Hey, I get it. . I wrote a bit odd… but you would think he would understand I was responding to HIS post. Hahahahaa


I am tired, not 100% feeling well and have WAY to much to do. So maybe I am feeling a bit butthurt myself? :thinking:


I dont get why people cant just agree to disagree or disagree with a certain amount of civility. I know what you mean though, the glock specific forums are really bad about that type of behavior. I usually troll them types untail they cry to mods or leave, I wont do that here though. There is very little of that here. Same with .308ar. Kind of a rare quality.


That is the problem with people today. They take every thing personally . But that just makes it fun for people like me if I get a chance I will try to get under your skin and ride you until you toughen up our tell me to screw off. But you don’t have to like what I do and I don’t have to like what you do if we all did we would only have three guns each and they would all be the same and that wouldn’t be much fun would it.


LOL Winter cuntiness thrives till spring.


Thank god my indoor range is 10 minutes away.


I stand corrected… I guess he felt bad, he deleted all the comments. Hahhahahhhaaa


Give the douche…er um the dude the benefit of the doubt…maybe he was just having a bad day :wink:

I do agree with all that you said…I hope this forum maintains the quality that it is today. Seriously the best place I’ve found on the interwebs.


Its the mature members :wink:


Some people are only happy when they’re not.


On another forum (dealing with an industry that is not gun related), I saw some posts by a guy claiming a product was no longer installed, then he went on to explain why it was no longer installed. I replied that he was incorrect, as I had installed the product several times after the date he claimed it was no longer produced, and had even been involved in expanding the models the product could be installed on, after the date he was claiming. He countered with a list of his sources of information. All 3 were dead. One retired from the company that produced the product, 5 years before his claimed date of cease of production. Another was fired about 3 years before the claimed date. After I pointed that out, explaining that I worked for that company, he PM’d me, informing me that he was going to call my boss, first thing in the morning, and he wanted me standing there on the carpet for that call.

I went in the next morning and told the owner of the company what was going on. He told me to get to work and forget about it, that he would deal with it. The next day, I checked the forum, and the guy had somewhat retracted his statements, without actually admitting he was wrong. His earlier statements appeared to cross the line of slandering the company and the product, and were blatantly easy to document as completely false.

I no longer read anything on that forum.


Yeah… it is hard. Stuff like google and stuff make it very VERY easy for someone to bash another company and have no repercussions.


Sometimes folks get a bit twisted because they do not have good listening skills. If they have their mind made up on any topic, then it becomes difficult to help. Just sayin :thinking:


Apparently soccer teams have butthurt response technicians!


Ive been known to get butthurt and my panties in a wad a few times. Usually I state how I feel and then leave it.


Go commando mate, solves the panties in a wad thing. :smirk: