Top 10 gun friendly states



Most pro gun state?

Late 1700’s Massachusetts


Hard to believe Kentucky and West Virginia are not top 10…




Agreed. West Virginia easily should be in the top 10. This video is OK but clearly shows inconsistencies.


What! Not my beloved New York! I’m shocked. And I EDC (unrestricted permit . . . for now).

He shows the outline of Montana for both Missouri and Montana. They look alike to me, too


LonewolfMcQuade, et al:

Hmmm, did not see Florida in the list. Surprising because one of Florida’s nicknames is the “Gun shine state” (take off from the “Sunshine state”). In other words, for the most part, Florida is gun friendly. Yes, a couple of issues, but mostly friendly.


I have heard Wyoming is one of the better pro 2a states but I never looked into it.



I have heard that, too, but I really don’t know - we need some people from Wyoming to clear that up.

Also, I am constantly amazed that Arizona makes these gun friendly lists. The few court cases I have heard about that occurred in Arizona did not sound so gun friendly to me.


My thought is that before the Parkland shooting related legislation Florida would have made the list . This is from the Tampa Bay Times; The law signed by Florida Gov. Rick Scott banned bump stocks, raised the gun buying age to 21, imposed a three-day waiting period for purchases and authorized police to seek court orders seizing guns from individuals who are deemed threats to themselves and others. The latter provision has already been used hundreds of times, court data show.



Hmmm. All those changes are recent. And don’t forget, they tried to ease up the penalty for accidentally showing/printing when carrying ccw, but the effort failed.

Maybe Florida is just mediocre friendly towards guns now.


I still think we (Florida) are still gun friendly but those recent changes have caused some concern and doubt.


Iowa only gets a bump because they recently legalized suppressors and SBR’s, still no full auto for civilians though. I live in different states for 6-10 months at a time, Mississippi seemed one of the friendliest all around. They have a tax free weekend for guns and ammo like many states have one for school supplies. A state willing to give up tax dollars to help its citizens arm themselves should be ranked as most friendly!


Idaho not in this list? LMAO what a joke…


Idaho was #2. [edit] Nevermind, wrong thread.