Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15



Actually you should at least 3…


I would add that ammo (.223/5.56) is relatively cheap and light especially when compared to other calibers, such as the more expensive and heavier .30-06.


It melts liberal snowflakes.


My top 10 reasons.

  1. ‘murica
  2. America
  3. America
  4. America
  5. America
  6. America
  7. America
  8. America
  9. America
  10. America

Dont know about you but I build my M1 ammo for about 15 cents a round.
So it takes you 210 rounds to do what they did in WWII with 80 rounds. (standard loadouts)

I disagree with number 2. If the 5.56 is so great how come they had to reissue the M14 for the endless wars we are having in the middle east?
I know because the 5.56 is not cutting the mustard. Same reason they are switching to 6.8.

The only reason we do them is because the smaller framed women can carry easier than my 30 cal stuff.
In Korea and before 30 cal was considered the standard combat round. Now it is considered in the heavy weapons role.
Just like replace the M-60 with the saw, then reissuing the m60.

Today in the climate of the world and our country, it is the only choice for civilians. The combat range then was 300 yards, to day under 100 yards. Id still go with 300 blackout over 5.56 any day.
Here in Washingrad it is illegal to hunt with 5.56, but 30 cal has been the standard since before my time.


15 cents a round is dirt cheap! Yeah, I suppose if you load your own, then cost becomes less of an issue. But you can usually find .223 or 5.56 at Walmart and most gun stores comparatively cheap if you’re in a pinch, and it’s still lighter to carry lots of rounds.

As for hunting, I still prefer .30-06 for wild pigs aimed at their ears, but I’ve heard of others using .223/5.56 for pigs here in Texas.

  1. Because its better than an AK
  2. Because freedom…and shit.
  3. Because its better than A SCAR
  4. its a versatile weapon with tons of uses depending on the build.
  5. Because fuck you communist lefties
  6. Its high capacity and lightweight.
  7. Its purty and looks are what really matter

8.its accurate
9. Because I like legos … and barbies
10. In case of the zombie poodle apocolypse.

I have plenty more reasons but these are some of them.


I disagree with this but I understand that your experience with 5.56 was pretty bad and I respect your opinion but with all due respect its not the 1960s-1970s anymore. The modern 5.56 has proven to be effective for its intended use as a fighting rifle.

Here is a Nato report on the 5.56 effectiveness in combat:

" Summary

  • There is no problem with the lethality of the 5.56 NATO caliber.
  • Most NATO nations are confident with the lethality of their 5.56mm and 7.62mm rounds.
  • To increase small arms lethality, nations must better train their soldiers.
  • Soldiers must “train as they fight.”
  • If nations want to engage targets at long range, then it is not about rifle caliber, projectile or barrel length, it is all about more training. "

Heres some math from a doctor and former SF on some of his experiences with 5.56 vs 7.62x39mm.

Im not going to say the 5.56 is “better” because thats a matter of opinion but I will say that its proven itself effective.

And the m14 is only used in very limited numbers compared to the m4, which being used by everyone from basic infantry to the SF. If we are going off amount of use there is no comparison the m4 is more widely used by the U.S. and by various other countries. Its really a matter of different tools for different jobs and for a general use “fighting rifle” the 5.56 is more popular.


@Quick_Draw_Mcgraw @Caw
I agree with some of this and disagree with other parts. The 5.56 round in M855 format sucks. We had so many failures with good hits, I lost all faith. Wounds look like we were stabbing our enemies with tiny ice picks. One neat hole in one neat hole out. Not what you want to see on the two way range. MK262 and MK318 ammo are different stories both kickass.

Trusted the .308 cartridge a buttloadvmore but the M14 platform Sucks! It’s hard to get it and keep it accurate. If all you want is a 3-8 MOA rifle have at it. Also it weighs more than any short action rifle has a right to in the 21st century. My two cents


Makes sense

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:thinking: Got my 10 reasons covered


Its pretty shitty how only certain military personnel get to use mk262. It should be the standard.


I see that the old debate about lethality of the 5.56 has come up. Folks need to understand some of the reasons behind this perceived and real issue. The biggest is when NATO switched over to the original 62 grain M855 (green tip) as the standard. That round was designed purely to defeat body armor. It does that well. The problem that came with it was that it drills neat little holes in unarmored targets which had a tendency to keep coming at you, LOL. In this regard the M855 was a step back in lethality from the original 55 grain round that, when coupled with a 1/12 twist barrel of the original M16, gave some devastating wound channels.

Now the military has started to rectify this. The new M855A1 is supposedly more effective against organic targets (though it has a tendency to chew up barrel extensions). The 262 and 318 variants are outstanding but not widely distributed.

For civilian AR owners my recommendation for SD/HD round is to use a 75/77 grain OTM projectile. Basically “Clone” the MK262 (better yet buy some) and run that in your AR. All my ARs and variants have MK262 type loads for HD. I also use the IMI version for competition shoots and have been extremely pleased. To top it off, a good friend of mine actually used his personal AR in a HD situation after he got out of the military. He also used MK262 type ammo and lets just say that the bad guys had a very bad hair day very quickly.

Peace out ya’ll.


Very well thought out and written article


For terminal performance I prefer the MK318. It’s a 1-2 MOA consistent performer. The MK262 is a generally more accurate load. So you trade off some terminal performance for range/ accuracy


Wouldnt the m4s barrel length have alot to do with the ice pick effect? I remember someone telling me the velocity requirement for proper fragmentation has issues being met out of an SBR length barrel and theres actually far less issues like this out of the m16. Any truth to that?


It might- but sadly we had no choice in Barrel length. Only saw a handful of M16s in country. My MK12 had a longer barrel but M855 never fouled its barrel only Mk262 Mod 1. All hits on enemy I saw with M855 were with both M4s and M249s. The saw were in both Para and standard configuration.


Dang Im a fuddy duddy sometimes…

  1. .204
  2. .223
    3).224 Valkyrie
    4).243 WSSM
  3. 25-45 Sharps
  4. 300 blackout
  5. 300 HAMR
  6. 450 Bushmaster
  7. 458 SOCOM
  8. 50 A&E

and a metric ton more where these came form


I hate the idea that it’s only justified if it’s in common use. That pisses me off!