Top 10 Reasons You Should Own An AR-15




Actually you should at least 3…


I would add that ammo (.223/5.56) is relatively cheap and light especially when compared to other calibers, such as the more expensive and heavier .30-06.


It melts liberal snowflakes.


My top 10 reasons.

  1. ‘murica
  2. America
  3. America
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  5. America
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  10. America


Dont know about you but I build my M1 ammo for about 15 cents a round.
So it takes you 210 rounds to do what they did in WWII with 80 rounds. (standard loadouts)

I disagree with number 2. If the 5.56 is so great how come they had to reissue the M14 for the endless wars we are having in the middle east?
I know because the 5.56 is not cutting the mustard. Same reason they are switching to 6.8.

The only reason we do them is because the smaller framed women can carry easier than my 30 cal stuff.
In Korea and before 30 cal was considered the standard combat round. Now it is considered in the heavy weapons role.
Just like replace the M-60 with the saw, then reissuing the m60.

Today in the climate of the world and our country, it is the only choice for civilians. The combat range then was 300 yards, to day under 100 yards. Id still go with 300 blackout over 5.56 any day.
Here in Washingrad it is illegal to hunt with 5.56, but 30 cal has been the standard since before my time.


15 cents a round is dirt cheap! Yeah, I suppose if you load your own, then cost becomes less of an issue. But you can usually find .223 or 5.56 at Walmart and most gun stores comparatively cheap if you’re in a pinch, and it’s still lighter to carry lots of rounds.

As for hunting, I still prefer .30-06 for wild pigs aimed at their ears, but I’ve heard of others using .223/5.56 for pigs here in Texas.