Top 10 Scary Mysteries From WW II


Thanks for the interesting video.
What is hard to understand is why Germany still exists.
They were responsible for two of the worst wars in human history.
It seems amazing there’s even a Germany.
How did they escape the same retaliation the ancient Romans did on Carthage after their wars with the Phoenicians.
Nothing was left standing and legend has it that even the land was salted.
And the entire population was sold into slavery.
Wouldn’t that have been poetic justice.


My family fought in both world wars… They suffered under the hands of the Nazi’s in Paris.
When the Berlin wall fell I heard one of them comment something I never though of before.
They said that we have just freed the most evil people the world has ever known.
2 generations of fighting them…
Who could blame them?


My dad served in the pacific theatre in ww II, couldn’t believe how much the US supported them after the war.