Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


Hey all!

Thought I would be the first to get some topics going in the forums so lets have a discussion on what everyone thinks of a blog post I created. It’s my opinion on the rifles that I would want to take into battle right now. You’ll find no older weapons as I feel they have been replaced for a reason, not to say that there aren’t some awesome older battle rifles. It can be found at the following link:

The OP Blog - Top 5 Battle Rifles


Here’s my pick list based on my needs as a civilian who might have to protect his family. I will list them in order of my preference.

  1. AKM chambered in 5.45x39
  2. AR15
  3. Tavor
  4. Galil ACE 7.62x39
  5. SCAR 17S

It’s interesting to me how my preferences have slightly evolved over the last few years.


Based on my personal experience, and not worrying about having to march the rifle 10 miles a day…

  1. Sig 510
  2. Fn Fal
  3. Ohio Ordnance HCAR
  4. CMMG Mutant
  5. CZ Bren 805 (more likely then 806, but I have yet to shoot one)


My preferences are, in order:

  1. Tavor
  2. SCAR 16
  3. AR15
  4. AK47
  5. ACR


hmmm… i have never had to think about 5 before but here’s what came to mind.

  1. AR15
  2. AK in 5.45x39
  3. AK in 7.62x39
  4. FS2000
  5. HK-93

My selection was made almost entirely based off which firearms i have experience with hence the “clunkier” AK getting a higher ranking then the HK or the FS2000.


I like that you mentioned the Ohio Ordnance HCAR. A bit different than the norm, but a very capable weapon when you’re sending down 30-06 down range and a lot of it when feeding from a 20 round magazine.

  1. Galil AR
  2. V-AR (Czech AR)
  3. SCAR 17
  4. Beretta BM59 (maybe just because I own it :wink: )
  5. SKS


Any rifle that goes “bang” when I need it to. AR, AK, FN FAL, AKM, SKS, 1903 or Garand. Whatever works. :smile: )


If this were a wishlist, mine would look like this.

  1. Tavor
  2. SCAR (HANDL Defense Build)
  3. SIG MCX
  4. CZ Scorpion
  5. Daniel Defense (Any)


Different weapon for different uses.
FN P90
And never used one, but will add a SCAR to the mix.

  1. PWS MK116 Mod 2
  2. PWS MK116 Mod 2
  3. PWS MK116 Mod 2
  4. PWS MK116 Mod 2
  5. PWS MK116 Mod 2

Build list

2x Primary Weapons Systems KeyMod Aluminum Picatinny Rail Section
Primary Weapons Systems Enhanced Buffer Tube Mod 2
Geissele Super Tricon Trigger
Lantac Dragon DGN556B 1/2-28 UNEF R/H Muzzle Brake
Battle Arms Development Ambidextrous Safety Selector AR-15 - Standard
Battle Arms Development Enhanced Pin Set AR-15
Battle Arms Development Enhanced Magazine Release
BCM Gunfighter Stock
BCM Gunfighter Charging Handle Mod 4
BCM Gunfighter Mod 3 Pistol Grip
BCM Gunfighter KeyMod Rail Panels
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panel 6”
TangoDown SCAR P-Rail Panel 2”
Troy Industries Micro Set HK Front and Round Rear Tritium BLK Battle Sights w/ XS Sight Systems Troy CSAT Rear Aperture
LaRue Tactical LT-FUG Forward Universal ‘Pillar’ Grip
Aimpoint Comp M4S w/ GDI CM4-OSM QD Mount
Samson 3.5x Magnifier
Surefire M600 Ultra Scout Light w/ LaRue Tactical Surefire Scout Light LT272 QD Lever Mount @ 9
L3 ATPIAL-C 3R Laser
Savvy Sniper Quad X Cobra Sling
2x ALG Defense Forged Sling Swivel
Noveske QD Direct Attach Swivel Mount
Lancer Systems L5AWM Translucent Smoke 30-Round Magazines w/ 5.56 Magpul


What happened, Tim? I thought you adhered to the New Born Tavor faith?

  1. AR15 (16")
  2. AKM in 5.45
  3. IWI Galil Ace in 5.56 ( new to the US in 2017)
  4. M1A
  5. AR15 (20")


The five that I have is:

  1. SCAR 17S
  2. CZ Bren 805 S1
  3. Arsenal SLR-107 FR
  4. X95 IWI Tavor
  5. DSA SA58 Carbine


Here’s my list, and like all opinions just my personal preferences.

  1. AR platform
  2. AK platform
  3. FN Fal
  4. HK G3 and it’s various offshoots.
  5. M1A/M14

I ranked them as I see in importance, but again, just how I see it.


Good list, and nice to see there are more Old Farts out here :+1:

If you’d allow me to rearrange your list.

  1. AR
  2. M14/M1A
  3. G3
  4. FAL
  5. AK


Technically, don’t “battle rifles” use full-power rifle cartridges? So that would eliminate all 5.56 and 7.62x39 rifles, correct?

amiright @Papa_Clance?



Yes it would, but seeing that everyone likes to use generalities. This time I decided to play along.


I think he meant fighting rifles. They can be of any caliber from 5.56 to the various .30 cal.


Correct, thanks. Sometimes generalities just help the flow.