Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?

  1. AKM in 7.62x39
  2. AK-74 variant
  3. AR-15
  4. PTR-91
  5. X-95 Tavor


What ever keeps me as far from the fighting as possible or, by shear brutality, makes the other guy not want to fight. If I could I’d sit my butt behind a Ma Deuce.

That said, and for the sake of reality, for personal/home/property defense:

  1. AR in 5.56(in home, most likely place to be assaulted while able to grab a rifle)
  2. AUG or Tavor(same as above, a little easier to maneuver in my apartment)
  3. HK/PTR91 .308(more versatile round for use around a larger property)
  4. SA M1A loaded(again, same use as above but damn sexy)
  5. ???


I’m not sticking strictly by the OP’s question but am in spirit. My view is situational as is my gear

  1. AR15 - general purpose rifle
  2. MVP Patrol - serves the scout rifle function and uses the AR15 magazines
  3. AR10 - for “reaching out to touch someone”
  4. MVP Patrol - again, scout rifle and uses AR10/M1A magazines
  5. Tavor to compliment the AR15/Patrol rifles with the CQB roll.

I have the first four and would evenetually like to get #5.

  1. M1 Garand
  2. M1A
  3. 1903
  4. AR15
  5. AK 47


Good to see another Old Fart :+1::+1:


Glad to be a part of the community

  1. AKM in 7.62x39mm - It’s what I know the best and have the most training on.
  2. AR-15 - Light and easy to carry yet very reliable and accurate.
  3. IWI X95 - Very handy inside a vehicle and urban areas yet still accurate to further distances.
  4. FN SCAR 17 - Sometimes you need something that hits hard and fast.
  5. Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle - Not what most would call a battle rifle these days but in a time long past it would of be considered a fighting rifle. I have always liked the idea of a general purpose rifle. It is that and also doesn’t attract a lot of attention or freak anybody out. It can still be a effective fighting rifle if needed in a everyday scenario.


As a Cold War kid I would take my Turkish G3 variant (semi only) T41 or my wifes T43. But if my department ever recalls me in case of emergency/war/war Z… a lousy MP5A3 would be the best I can get there. :sob:

In reality I would get what ever is within reach

  1. Cz bren805 11.5
  2. My Bcm 14.5
  3. Scar 16
  4. Pws mk2
  5. Arsenal ak


Well, let’s see here… I’m mostly a handgun and shotgun guy, but I’ll try and contribute some. I suppose I like some old and some new, but since this is a “battle rifle” discussion, I’ll keep it to that sort of item.

1st choice: M14 in Scout/Bush config w/ wood stock w/ steel bed.
Something between these two from Warbirds Custom Guns would be nice.

2nd choice: AR-10 w/ 20" barrel for a modern version of 1st choice.
3rd choice: AR-15 w/ 18" barrel in lightweight outfit.
4th choice: AK-47 w/ MOE furniture.
5th choice: Galil, old style, for similar reasons to AK-47.

Can’t say I know a ton of rifles. I believe these fit into the category. I value reliability, accuracy, and weight; probably in that order. Assume top end of each item, since we didn’t mention money.


SIG 550
Galil AR (The original, not the ACE)
Valmet M76

I decided to stick with all 5.56 rifles; otherwise it just gets too complicated in my mind comparing apples to oranges. For example, I love the FAL and the AK, but how can I compare the two and rate one over the other? It would depend so much on specific application. I would like to point out that 4 our of 5 on my list are Kalashnikov derivatives. I love Kalashnikovs.


I have always been taught that battle rifles are full power cartridges, 5.56mm and 7.62X39 do not qualify based on that definition. So what was the OP’s request? battle rifles or assault rifles?


IMO the caliber equation creates a lot of semantics. Saying 5.56 is not a “full power” cartridge today really makes no sense. Considering that 5.56, depending on the weight of the bullet, is pushing 2600-3100 ft per second then the argument that today the 5.56 is a “full power” cartridge (on par or better than 7.62 NATO). I find the term “assault” rifle actually amusing. What makes a rifle and “assault” rifle? full auto capable? Plenty of 7.62x51 rifles had that capability. So are they not also assault rifles?

As far as the 7.62x39 goes, for the average infantry type and the ranges engaged, that round can easily be termed a “battle rifle” cartridge by todays standards. From 0-300/400 meters the x39 rounds kills just as well as the 7.62 NATO cartridge and most soldiers do not/can not engage effectively past those ranges as it is.

Personally I view the idea that a “battle” rifle must be chambered in 7.62x51, 30-06, 8 Mauser, 7.5 Swiss, etc…, archaic today. Considering that many vets today carried the 5.56x45 into battle and it served us well then calling it a “battle” cartridge should not be an issue


I think that ‘Battle Rifle’ refers to a rifle used as a primary weapons system chambered for either an intermediate (Intermediate-Cartridge Battle Rifle; AR/M16/M4, AKM, etc) or a full-sized battle cartridge (Full-Size Battle Rifle; M14, G3, M1 Garand, etc). I think asking what everyones’ favorite Battle rifles refers to both types.

  1. M1Garand
  2. 1903 Springfield
  3. M14
  4. M16
  5. M4

Notice a pattern?

  1. Tavor
  2. Beretta ARX
  3. any quality AKM in 7.62x39
  4. AR15
  5. Mini 14 for those in locations where the other choice are restricted.


All I need is one. My pick:

  1. Bulgarian Milled Receiver AK

"Beware the man with one gun, he will know how to use it."
Old Western Proverb


My top five:
Spikes and PSA built AR-15 which includes FN barrel and Vortex Strikefire II optic
Anderson and PSA built AR-15 which has a great trigger
M1 Garand because its an M1 Garand
Chinese SKS
580 Series Mini-14
I have Mosin’s and other guns but if I really needed to field 5 battle rifles that I have this would be it.


SCAR 17S - Done.

…but if I had to add 4 more they would be

M14 / M1A


M1 Garand / M1a

Thats my list. If your old like me, the Garand will do just fine. The M1a for the younger guys who need more ammo.
Both my gas gun and bolt gun are in 30-06 for a reason. Theu fit my A.O.

The ARs are for patrol or close in defense (300BO) Id not depend my life on them. Didnt in Nam, wont ever.