Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


my preference:

  1. SA vz58 7.62x39
    (i have it with the ACOG TA50-C very accurate up to 300m, ideal for dynamic disciplines)

  2. SA vz58 5.56x45
    just bought it recently, very lightweight, proven technology with new 5.56 caliber, waiting for ACOG with 5.56 spec to test accuracy…)

  3. UK variant of the FN FAL L1A1 with Parker Hale barrel
    for longer ranges (have it with the ACOG TA55A) for mid range (300-600m) shooting, it is a reliable, proven SLR, very accurate

  4. Bren2 in 7.62x39 (in waiting for the a semiauto version for civilian use…)

  5. anything AK, AR, Sig …


~This is my first post~ I always thought that a battle rifle was chambered in 308 but this list is what I would prefer if I was forced to fight. I have owned or do own every rifle on my list and several others over the last 30 years. I think the best rifle is always the most reliable rifle so this is how they made my list.

FN/FNC - I think it’s the most reliable 5.56 rifle ever made, but the old Galil is a close second.
FN/Scar 17s - with a top quality 1-8 optic
Steyr AUG - from the 1980s
Galil ACE in 7.62X39 - with a low mounted Trijicon MRO
AK - Arsenal SLR 107 or Zastava built in 7.62X39 - with a side mounted Primary Arms 3x ACSS

I enjoyed looking at everyone’s list of the five best battle rifles. I love the Valimet, FN/FAL, Sig PE-57, Galil ARM and H&K 91s and 93s but they are getting a bit out dated to go head to head with all the new rifles.


Seems to me that the term Battle Rifle when it relates to .308 is a defunct term. Unless you are suggesting the US hasnt been in battle since Korea, 5.56 IS a battle round and AR/AK are Battle Rifles.


Choice 1 - CZ BREN 805.

Choice 2, and this one will knock your socks off…

Yes, that is a bolt action rifle. Why would I even consider such a think as a “battle” rifle? I’m old, fat, and slow, and I do not intend to be on the front lines. However, this light handy carbine carries ten rounds in that custom magazine, and with iron sights I can engage a man size target at 150 yards from the standing position without difficulty, 300 yards prone/rested, and the 7.62x39mm cartridge, for a reloader, has a wide range of potential. Crazy choice to anyone but me, I get it. :wink: Besides, it shakes up the variables.

Third choice would be a vz-58, specifically from CzechpointUSA.
Fourth would be an AKM variant, anything NOT built by Century Arms International.
Fifth would be an AR 15 of some kind, since I have very little trigger time with any AR…as in ten rounds in one since 1984.


Of the rifles that I have or have foolishly sold (no particular order):
Daewoo K2 (AR100)


The FNC is amazing indeed. I had the chance to handle an AK5A in Sweden last year. Very sturdy rifle, balances very nice, doesn’t feel heavy to me at all. Definitely superior to the Galil. The FNC/AK5 handles beter, the ergos are better and it’s insanely accurate. Would have picked one up if they still made 'em. It’s hard not to like anything FN (Bofors).

  1. AR15
  2. Tavor
  3. AK47
  4. AR10
  5. Desert Tech MDR

This list is really a generalization of what I like in rifles and as such, I would change or not based on intent and what condition or end state I would be expected to encounter or use the rifle in.


As an 18 year old, here my five favorite

  1. LWRC IC DI in 5.56. I chose 5.56 because 300 blackout is a worst of both worlds intermediate cartridge. I am not a soldier nor have I seen combat, but from my research of ballistic testing and field reports, you should really just choose 5.56 or .308.
  2. My brother’s Daniel Defense DDM4V1 is pretty smooth. It is one of the smoothest feeling AR’s I have ever shot.
  3. FN SCAR-H. The .308 cartridge has an easy effective range of 1000 yards. Its kind of ballsy to put it into primary weapons system for soldiers. I know the SCAR isnt meant to be a DMR on its own, but this would be a fantstic candidtate for combat past 2-300 yards.
  4. Arsenal SGL-95. It is an amazing AK with some high quality parts kits and high quality construction. The only thing it is beat by is my brother Saiga AK74.
  5. Saiga AK74. For a stamped AK, this thing is really meant to outlast the user. I can’t believe the smooth action and accurate groups I’m getting from this rifle.


Any Arsenal rifle will serve you well!


16" AR15 in 5.56
10" AR15 in 300 Blackout
20" AR10 in 6.5 CM
Galil MAR


I’m pretty basic, nothing spectacular, except #2 on my list. I’d go to battle with these.

edit: I didn’t add a shotgun as I didn’t think it was allowed. If it is I’d change out the AR-10 for an Ithaca Model 37 Ultra Featherlight.

  1. Moson Nagant M39 (Finish)
  2. VEPR 7.62x54R
  3. AR-10 in .308
  4. FN PS90 (SBR)
  5. Hi-Point 995TS (9mm), because everyone needs a tough 9mm PCC as a last ditch when you run out of the big cartridge ammo


AK or AR in 5.45
Marlin in 45-70
Any stang mag compatible 5.56 rifle.


My top five rifles would be

AK-103 in 7.62x39 for CQB
M16A4 with a M203 for standard operations and patrol
MK20 (SCAR 17 sniper varient) for DMR
Barret M107 for long range and anti-materiel
and to through an odd ball into the mix my fifth rifle would be an Egyptian contract SAFN 49 in
8mm Mauser just for kicks.

  1. 303 British 1917 MK1
  2. K98 Mauser 8mm
  3. 1903 Springfield 30.06
  4. 1895 Chileno 7mm
  5. SKS 7.62x39


Now that’s what I call Old School. Had one of each of those with the exception of the Chilean rifle…all would work well in bad times.


In no particular order…

M1 Garand
Thompson Submachine gun. Yeah, i know, not a rifle but it saw plenty of “battle”. Works very well for up close and personal.


Excuse me for being the new guy, but isn’t a battle rifle generally a self loading rifle chambered in .308? or a more than mid-range cartage?

  1. AR-10
  2. Original Galil .308
  3. FN FAL
  4. M1A
  5. Super VEPR .308

And if anything goes…

  1. Bcm recce 14 5.56
  2. Arsenal SAM 7 7.63x39
  3. Vepr FM-11 5.45x39
  4. VZ 58/ 2008
  5. Beretta ARX 100


Some still consider the “battle rifle” term as applying only for cartridges such as 7.62 Nato, 7.5 Swiss, etc…

Considering that todays 5.56 Nato loaded with 62, 69 or 77 grain projectiles reach into 7.62x51 effective range, and 5.56 is the cartridge of ours and many other countries issued rifles, then putting 5.56 as a “battle rifle” today makes sense.


Very true. my answer is telling of my age. I also added a “If anything goes” list as well. that has 2. 5.56, 1. 5.45x39 2. 7.62x39 rifles.


The Scar H ,Fal and M14 variants are the bees knees of real battle rifles. I prefer my poodle shooters though . I think the Scar H is the only real “modern” battle rifle in use with any military or LEA (I could be wrong here) and I think the concept is dying out.