Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


Your not wrong. If you like the scar line you would like the Beretta ARX100/200, and the CZ 805 bren. They all share the same action, different trim, same action.


The concept is not dying, but it’s hard to sell 4,000-2,000 dollar rifles when everyone can but a $500.00 AR that will meet there needs. I myself shoot very often and have quite literally worn out rifles and parts. Most people shoot a magazine or two a year.


Phew, glad I’m not the norm. I end up averaging a mag or two a month. :cowboy_hat_face:


:tired_face: I remember when I averaged that a day… I miss training on the weekends.


I dont buy $500 AR15s, mine cost anywhere from 1-2k ,usually . I just mostly prefer lighter rounds in my semi auto rifles.


I havnt went shooting in awhile so you have me beat. The most ive ever shot was 7-8k in a year so its not like I shoot alot really. I got addicted to carbine courses for a bit and used up all my ammo then went broke lol.


Don’t get me wrong I like expensive rifles too, but most people don’t want to spend a lot of money on a rifle.


Trust me, I get it. Working in marketing/market research (both of us work at the same place) is a time suck and both of us have very little freetime. That’s one of the things we’ll love about moving to a large plot of land in the country. We can shoot on it anytime we want.


I’m sorry to hear that. Time to buy more ammo!


We do shoot a ton of 9mm but not much else. I’m hoping to shoot a bunch of .223/5.56 this year with my new non-$500 AR. :smiley:


Good! Unfortunately in my experience most$500.00 Ar are worth just that… plus a headache.


Yea, If people actually went out and got some training they would know what “buy once cry once” means. Ive seen cheap Hesse type AR15s and bubba builds eat shit alot.


Hi lord Hesse! Don’t even say the name. They have hurt people. Friends of friends, they lived, but the rifle ended up in many pieces.


The Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II is the only factory $500~600 AR I recommend to people. It’s put together well and is a solid platform for beginners. I almost bought one but decided to build my first AR myself.


Who is itmade by? Got any pics? We need more gun porn.


My AR build or the M&P?


The one you built. Not enough pics around here.


You saw it in my thread. :wink:


Huh, I never commented on this one. Well, time to rustle some jimmies.

  1. AR15/variants (AR10/AR300BO/AR7.62) Because of the simple design, lightweight, reliability, and modularity.
  2. AKm/variants (pick your caliber) End of the world reliabilty. Personally I prefer milled receivers, but I do acknowledge they are heavier.
  3. Piston Driven AR varients (PWS, LWRCI, POF, HK416/7) Concept is a balanced blend between #1 and #2.
  4. HK G3/variants. This one might be a shoe-in, but they’re quality rifles on all fronts, and nothing beats the HK slap.
  5. The Garand. If you had nothing else, it could compete against 1-4. It may not win, but it could do it.

I’m not including calibers, because then the argument turns into which caliber is better. I’m focusing on design concepts of the rifles only, and I think these are all quality designs in their respective areas.


Why would you want more than one if it’s expected to be used in an actual battle situation.
It wouldn’t be as if you would carry more than one to the field of battle, is there?
I’d choose the most versatile one that would be expected to do all that was needed.
If truth be known, what I’d really want is a very fast vehicle.