Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


In Chris Kyles book he said he carried an m4 and a boltie sniper rifle.


I’ll play along

Sgl-21 alpha clone
Fn fal
Svd draganov
Steyr aug


The best battle rifle is a predator drone.


Or a detonation switch for a nuke.


We can only wish gentleman ahahahhaha


5.56 is not a battle rifle cartridge. I think one might want to check the DOD’s definition of a battle rifle. 30 caliber or bigger, which means the M14 was the last US battle rifle. The 7.62x39 is the first and ONLY assault rifle cartridge. Being that it WAS the only combat rifle made with the sector witch that goes AUTO-SEMI-SAFE, backwards from everyone else.


Did not know this :sunglasses:


If you are referencing the selector setting on a AK, the order of operation is actually safe/auto/semi.

Back to the definition of “battle” rifle versus “assault” rifle. Those are actually artificial constructs not used by the DoD but rather within the civilian terminology. Examples of this are obvious. The original DoD description of the M16 is rifle, not battle or assault rifle. The M4 series is officially described as a carbine. The MK12 series is known as a SPR being special purpose receiver and later known as a special purpose rifle. Yes, it is true that the term battle rifle came into vogue after WWII to distinguish the older full power cartridge semi-auto’s (M1,G/K43,SVT38/40,FN49,etc…) from the new on the scene SKS and AK47 but it really is more of a artificial term that today has no true or applicable relevance

If I ever have to use my MK12 build, M4 clone or new AR “pistol” build into a combat situation you can bet they are now “special purpose/battle/assault” rifles/carbines, LOL. Getting wrapped around the pole over the caliber today is pretty meaningless IMO.




( 5.56 is not a battle rifle cartridge ) I guess all the people killed with them in Battles did not know better…any caliber is a battle cartridge…when you are in a battle as long as you have something to shoot you will not care what cartridge it is…




2-shorter FAL
3-para FAL


Swap 5 for imbel fal.

  1. FN C1A1
  2. FN L1A1
  3. FN SLR
  4. FN R1
  5. FN G1 but most likely G3









Nice POF!


I am shocked by #5 , I was about 99% sure you were going to say FAL


He meant FAL O


I don’t want to appear to be biased.


5 X Vepr AK in .308

That’s my list, and I’m stickin’ to it!