Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


Sorry my friend but I have to interject here. There was and has been only one, yes ONE, assault rifle and thus one assault rifle cartridge and it is NOT the 7.62x39. I point your eyes to this, sorry it’s wikipedia but it’ll do in a pinch. Any modern “definition” of an “assault rifle” is flat out wrong. :cowboy_hat_face:


I dont see a precision FAL on that list…


we all missed this one


I have a SA48 on a HB Izzy kit…


After sitting on this for a while, I’ve decided.

  1. FAL
  2. Mauser 98
  3. Mosin-Nagant
  4. Enfield Nos. 1&4
  5. G3

These are based solely on numbers used. My ethnocentrism really wants the Garand, M14, and AR-10 on the list, but they don’t belong.
All chamber true full power cartridges as well.


Never would I trade a imbel fal
Kind of the same with a Russian akm


Hmmm…okay here it goes

  • Sako M10 in .300WM
  • Denal R4
  • A Tikka C19 in .308 (those Tikka T3s their rangers use in the North)
  • LMT 308 MWS; and probably…
  • M4A1/A2

That’s a pretty random list but I stand by it.


nary a mention of a AIA M10?


Fair call, but I was trying to keep the list to what was in-service it has been in service. As well, they are not that great as rifles. They are just repackaged Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1 actions.

For the size would rather a Ruger gunsite in .308 or in the that big .450 Ruger cal