Top 5 Battle Rifles...What are Yours?


Sorry my friend but I have to interject here. There was and has been only one, yes ONE, assault rifle and thus one assault rifle cartridge and it is NOT the 7.62x39. I point your eyes to this, sorry it’s wikipedia but it’ll do in a pinch. Any modern “definition” of an “assault rifle” is flat out wrong. :cowboy_hat_face:


I dont see a precision FAL on that list…


we all missed this one


I have a SA48 on a HB Izzy kit…


After sitting on this for a while, I’ve decided.

  1. FAL
  2. Mauser 98
  3. Mosin-Nagant
  4. Enfield Nos. 1&4
  5. G3

These are based solely on numbers used. My ethnocentrism really wants the Garand, M14, and AR-10 on the list, but they don’t belong.
All chamber true full power cartridges as well.


Never would I trade a imbel fal
Kind of the same with a Russian akm


Hmmm…okay here it goes

  • Sako M10 in .300WM
  • Denal R4
  • A Tikka C19 in .308 (those Tikka T3s their rangers use in the North)
  • LMT 308 MWS; and probably…
  • M4A1/A2

That’s a pretty random list but I stand by it.


nary a mention of a AIA M10?


Fair call, but I was trying to keep the list to what was in-service it has been in service. As well, they are not that great as rifles. They are just repackaged Lee Enfield No.4 Mk1 actions.

For the size would rather a Ruger gunsite in .308 or in the that big .450 Ruger cal


In no practical order…

High quality ARs (LWRC HK POF ETC.)
IWI X95 or TAVOR (nearly the same rifle so…)
IWI GALIL ACE (any caliber)
Styer AUG


And actually…
I may switch out the AUG for the Desert Tech MDR… but I need more rounds through it first… :thinking:


That’s good looking.


Lovin’ that paint job! It would look awesome on my RPR 308.


How does yours run? Seems like many have had issues so far.


Zero issues and I started it off with steel… 1958 surplus… then a variaty of hunting and military rounds.
Then I ran it suppressed. With the same type of ammo.
I did once forget to switch it back from the suppressed setting… so it short stroked… but I figured that out in a hurry.


My Top 5 shoulder fired small arms, because I am confused by your initial question. Plus it makes it easier for me. Going strictly by “battle rifle” which generally means larger caliber arm but not a sniper or precision arm- so many fill the same niche that it’s hard to deferientiate. I used all these at some pointin the service (some in Combat some not). So here’s my list in order:
1.SMIR (.300 Win Mag)
2. PKM (7.62x54R) yes it’s a machine gun but it was the largest belt fed I could comfortably hump and accurately shoulderfire. Things a beast
3.MK12 MOD 0 (5.56 x45)
4.FAMAS (5.56 x45)
5. MP5 10mm
Caveat I love .308 carbines but once they start going north of 8- 8.5 lbs I stop seeing the advantage. A lot of guys when I was in loved the M14 platform I loathed it. All the .308 I saw were either too heavy or inaccurate or worse both. 240B I put in the same category you had to be a Haus to hump that all day. Pkm was lighter and arguably slightly better ballestically.image image



Belgian fn Mag

M240 Bravo


IMI Negev 7.62



Curious since you seem to be a knowledgeable Connoisseur of all things belt fed. Why the M240 over my preference the PkM. I shot the 240 and 249 a lot in the service, only was introduced to the Pk’s once I was in country but I fell in love with that Russian temptress hard. Lighter by almost half easier recoil impulse control, rugged to hell and back. This one is arguable but I preferred the non disintegrating belt (easier to load back up if you loose supply lines- I’m sure you’ve had to link up ammo… sucks balls especially by hand with out any re-linking device)

I hate the M249 we had nothing but issues (broken links jammed in the chamber take them out of the fight have to pry it out of the chamber with pliers) and for the weight the PkM gives you a real machine gun.


Nope, not an expert on anything. Just like guns of all brands and types. There are members here with a lot more experience than me on anything here. I never was one that needed to hit a dime at 100 yards every shot. long as I can hit close enough to take down what I shoot at. I just enjoy shooting, not good at it or an expert at nothing. but it’s been enjoyable and still is and that’s what’s it’s all about.