Top 5 Favorite Mil-Surp Bolt Action Rifles

What are your favorite Mil-Surp Bolt Guns?

  1. Springfield M1903A1
  2. Yugoslavian Mauser M24/47
  3. Mosin Nagant M91/30
  4. Krag-Jorgensen M1898
  5. Lee Enfield No4 MkI

Hmmm, lets see.

In order based on what I either own or have shot.

  1. Springfield M1903A3 (own)
  2. Remington 1917 (own)
  3. Mauser K98 (shot)
  4. Enfield No1 MK3 (own)
  5. Mosin Nagant (own)

From my personal collection, and based on my interests beyond just shooting them:

Type 99 Arisaka
Mosin Nagant 91/30
No. 4, Mk 1
Carcano 91/41

I do not yet have a 1903 Springfield or a Finnish Mosin. Both of those, I suspect, would rise to the top five.

  1. SMLE No4 Mk2
  2. Mauser Kar98k
  3. Remington 1917
  4. Krag Jorgensen M1998
  5. MAS 36

What not one Swedish rifle on the list? You guys need to get out more. :grinning:

Swedish m/94-14 is a sweet gun


K-98 Mauser in 7.92mm… have 4 at present. 1. a real German bring back from 1914, 2. an IDF-rebarreled one from 1948 in .308, 3. A sporterized WW2 bring-back my dad carried and hunted deer with for years…and 4. a un-fired museum piece from Mitchell’s Mausers. Love’em!
My Chief in the Navy was a naturalized US citizen…but…b4 that he was a east european freedom fighter in WW2. He said their favorite weapon was the German Mauser, HANDS DOWN. The new ‘recruits’ in the resistance had to go steal their own…if you get my drift. I used to bug him by praising the Mosin Nagant…at wh time he wd break out in cuss words in Czech or Hungarian that I didn’t understand! I took it that he didn’t much like Russians or their rifles. :wink: LOL didn’t like Germans either, but loved the Mauser.


Swiss K31
Swedish Mauser M38
Lee Enfield No4
Finnish M39
K98 Mauser


I’m glad to see that one person mentioned the Swiss K31. It’s the most well crafted and possibly the most accurate Mil-surp bolt action (straight pull) ever built.


Springfield 1903-A3
Norwegian Krag Jorgensen
Mauser K98


1:Springfield 1903- an American classic
2:SMLE- incredibly fast action
3:Swiss K31- straight pull is just cool
4:Mosin Nagant M44 carbine- GIANT FIRE BALLS, nuff said
5: ???


My favorites and the only ones I’ve owned:

  1. Swiss K-31
  2. Lee-Enfield #4 Mk1* Savage Mfg (stamped “US Property”)
  3. Mauser Gew98
  4. Mosin Nagant 91/30 ( last place because this thing was a pig)

I’d like to shoot/own a 1903 Springfield to see how it compares. They sure are pretty and handle well.


I had a 03 springfield that would shoot 2inch groups at 200 yards. Also have a 1917 that is a shooter.

  1. Swiss K-31
  2. Mosin Nagant M91/30
  3. Mauser K98K
  4. Lee Enfield No4
  5. M1917 Enfield

My 1903 shoots MOA with some of my hand loads. It has been sporterized, with only the receiver and barrel being original-and is topped with a Leopold 4X scope; but, is one of the most accurate rifles I have. The only rifle that I have that consistently outshoots it is my MK12 build.

  1. Swedish M96
  2. Finnish M39
  3. Swiss K31
  4. Swiss K11
  5. German K98K

1.) Finish M39 (M-N 1891 restocked & rebarreled, mine wears a Sako)
2.) Mosin-Nagant M91/30
3.) 1898 Krag-Jorgenson
4.) SMLE No. 4 Mk1 *
5.) Beaumont-Vitale M71/78 (never shot this - but I own it).

I put the M39 first only because I have used mine to take two whitetail. Darned nice deer gun right from the front lines.

Charlie P.

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My cousin has a M39 I’ve been trying to buy for almost two years now. No luck but I do have a '44 M91/30.

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  1. Mosin Nagant 91/30 (got 5 of them…just a soft spot for that style)
  2. Enfield No. 4 Mk1 (picked up a “sporterized” one at an estate sale several years ago and refurbished it)
  3. Mosin Nagant M38 (carbine)
    4, K98 Mauser 8mm
    5… I just don’t have any other bolt guns…:cry:…yet…

Swiss K31
Swedish Mauser 96
M1 Carbine
Enfield No.4 Mk1 (Love No.5 Jungle as well)


I now as of today own the dream…times two. Sold my Kel-Tec PMR-30 today. Was going to just buy a Taurus .357/.38sp snubnose revolver for the wife’s nightstand when these wonderful things were spotted. I discretely check the serial numbers of the one with the bayonet and was astounded all numbers were matching including the bayonet. So that’s a no-brainer. While the guy is writing this up I went back to check the other one…and all its numbers matched so I figured what the hell and bought both–the wife was pretty easy to convince. Ended up saving money doing it this way rather than paying for shipping, 4% credit card fee, and the FFL transfer fees each when buying from Gunbroker.

Both are 1943 Izhevsk Arsenals with one having the Russian arsenal reconditioning stamp. The one with the bayonet doesn’t have that arsenal reconditioning stamp…but you can see someone must of tried to use some stain on the stock or something else dripped on it.