Top 5 Favorite Mil-Surp Bolt Action Rifles


Krags are so cool and different.
Wish I had one, but the really nice ones are out of reach.
Should have bought one back when they were just another old rifle.
Oh well.
K-31s are cool, too with the straight pull action.
Those two would be my picks.


Springfield,love the Mauser action!500bucks a friend was tired of it??
Next three mosins and a swede 6.5 working on it,then cowboy guns(more)
Then…,.I know it’s a sickness😁


$500?! Score!

On my Mosins, the one on the right with the matching bayonet was a former sniper variant. Just had a gunsmith fully go through it and all looks good and is so clean you could eat off of it (well not really). The action is so butter smooth, cannot wait to get out to the range with it.


M1 Carbine

Swiss K31

SKS 45


Very nice sergetoll! What else ya got?


it is not all :slight_smile:


Jealousy. :sunglasses:

I started the game too late. Hopefully I can catch you before prices and availability put me out of the market for some of the mil surps I want. :smiley:


do not wait to long… till it gone


I’m trying! Once we sell our house it’ll be easier.

  1. 1917 Enfield
  2. 1903A3 Springfield
  3. K31 Swiss
  4. M96 Swede
  5. No4 Mk1 Savage - U.S. Built (Best Quality)

(The Finn M39 are very accurate, but they are clunky, like all Mosins)


Any WWI or WWII bolt action rifle is clunky not just Mosins. :+1:


I don’t know if all WWI and WWII bolt guns can be considered clunky. My Mosin, action wise, is definitely clunky but my 1917 and 1903A3 are butter smooth. Same goes for my Ishapore and that is based on the SMLE action


Probably an overstatement but possibly it may depend on care and useage. My former sniper Mosin’s action is butter smooth and no tuning or work had been done to it to get it that way either. My other 91/30 is also pretty smooth but thats been tuned a bit. :slight_smile: I’ve ran through the actions of some of the stuff posted in here including a 1903 Springfield and have seen my fair share of “clunkyness” among them. :cowboy_hat_face: I believe all of these old mil surps are brilliant and all have their pros and cons. And that’s the beauty of it.

I’m also trying to defend the Mosin because I get annoyed at all of the unfounded hate and bias towards it. Some of it is snobbery and some of it is just blind bias. It’s similar to the 1911 vs Glock/Polymer or Ford vs Chevy debate that’s annoying and juvenile. :smiley:


Yea, lot of folks hate on the Mosin but it is a decent rifle. A good 91/30 is accurate as hell. The biggest drawback to me concerning Mosin’s is that when it comes to the feel of the action and accuracy that there is not a lot of consistency. But for a bolt action battle rifle, it does what it should and does it well IMO.


I can agree with that. If the Mosin is tuned up it is absolutely sublime.

  1. Swiss K31
  2. Finnish mosin M39
  3. Mauser K98
  4. Lee Enfield no3 MK1
  5. Arisaka type 99


My five favorite milsurp are:

  1. Swedish M38 Husquvarna (6.5x55), also M96.
  2. Swiss K31 (7.5x55)
  3. Finnish Mosin M39 (7.62x54r)
  4. Yugo M24/47 (8 mm)
  5. Ishapore 2A1 (7.62x51)


Im not much on mil surp guns, Do Remington 700s, Sakos or Savage 110s count since the military uses them? Or how do you define mil surp bolt actions?


I guess technically it is anything the military uses, then decommissions? In practice I would say in this instance a military bolt action that saw some sort of conflict?

Hmmm…post a poll maybe?

  • Military Surplus weapons are anything used by the US military then decommissioned
  • Military surplus weapons were any weapons who saw a conflict
  • I dunno, I like things that go bang that soldiers used

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Good question. They count in my book.