Top 5 Favorite Mil-Surp Bolt Action Rifles

  1. Krag Jorgenson (only in .30-40 Krag)
  2. Springfield 1917 (P17/Eddystone)
  3. Springfield 1903
  4. Mosin Nagant M91/30
  5. Lee Enfield No.4 Mk 1


My opinion based on what I have shot or owned. I’m sure the Swiss K31 would be in there, but I’ve never had the pleasure.

  1. Springfield M1903A1
  2. Mauser K98
  3. Enfield No4 MK1
  4. Mosin Nagant
  5. Steyr M95


I like the mausers, fixed up an old 1916 Spanish in 7mm, shoots like a dream, my next project is a Colombian mauser chambered in .30-06 Springfield. I’ve yet to shoot any enfield, or caranos, but they seem interesting.


this is the mauser project that i picked up from a gun show for $99.99 plus state tax. I ended up taking it completely apart, cleaning it and finding out the barrel had a REALLY deep pit. This caused me to rebarrel the action on my own with a used barrel off of Numrich. I sent the rifle to verify it was safe to fire from a local gunsmith, which gave me the green light. I found this little rifle loves Sellier and Bellot Soft points in 7mm Mauser. Its nice for me because they are the cheapest at around $20 a box before shipping and handling.


That’s how I got started in all this mess. A Yugo Mauser with a bad barrel.


its nice how Brownells offers an action wrench for any Mauser Action for a few bucks and all you need is a replacement barrel and some headspace gauges. xD


I can’t for the life of me remember the place l got the action wrench, but boy oh boy was that barrel on that action!


Nothing a little WD-40 and a few taps of a dead blow hammer cant handle, or a piece of pipe as an extension on the wrench. I am a little upset I didn’t invest in the brass shims like they recommended, but I got a fine shooter out of it.


Yeah I used a cheater bar for that one. Can you use aluminum? Or will that build up on the barrel?


I’m not quite sure. Unfortunate for me I used blocks of wood, and the wood slipped and it marred the action in my vice… Lesson learned, the hard way.


I have used oak block with pine resin in the past. That worked in a pinch for me.

  1. Swedish M96 (Love this thing)
  2. Yugo M48 (Accurate and just cool)
  3. Cheq VZ24 (Just cool shooting a piece of history)
  4. Enfield #5 JC (Kicks like a mule)
  5. Arisaka Type 99 (Never shot but will this summer)


I realized I never posted my top 5…shame on me! :expressionless: There are way too many I like so I’ll do the list as it sits today. Unfortunately there are a few on this list I have yet to have the pleasure of firing so I’m chomping at the bit to find someone local who has any of these that we can take out for some plinking. :smiley:

  1. M1903 Springfield
  2. Mosin Nagant (all variants)
  3. 98k Karabiner
  4. Arisaka Type 99
  5. Mannlicher M1895


M1903a3 Springfield: Nuttin better. My Ole man won the CAN-AM 1000 yard open for 3 straight years with a one of these Springfields.

M1917Enfield : Built like a tank, Iver shot some darn hot rounds though this.

Ishapore 2A1 Rifle: Always wanted to own one. Shot a bunch of others.

Lee-Enfiled SMLE: Rocking a 10 rd box. Best club made.

Mosin Nagant PU: Cool looker, could not hit the barn with it. I would not make a good commie


The Ishy is a superb rifle. I scored one at a LGS and restored it back to its original parkerized condition (Indians loved their black enamel spray paint, damn safety wouldn’t move). Shoots great. If you ever come across one get it.