Top 5 Lies from the Media

LWC does it again.

Watch and Remember.


These are some of my favorites from MSM recently:

  1. More than 90% of Americans support universal background checks. Sorry, but no country on Earth is that united right now.
  2. More than 80% of Republicans support more gun control. Where? Republicans in Manhattan perhaps, but nowhere else.
  3. Magazine clips. MSM still doesn’t know the difference between magazines and clips.
  4. Automatic weapons. MSM still doesn’t know the difference between automatic and semi-automatic weapons.
  5. AR-15’s are not suitable for wild game hunting. Obviously, they never watched a feral hog or coyote hunting video on YouTube.
  6. AR-15’s are not suitable for target shooting. Obviously, they never watched a 3-gun match on YouTube.
  7. AR-15’s are not suitable for self-defense. If not, then why do police use them to defend the public?

I could go on, but you get the idea.


As advocates for gun ownership we need to stand on common and ground but we also have to understand how to fight back

!. yes we do but you have to look at how the question was asked (a universal background check) includes the ability to ID a felonious background or legally entitled- otherwise we are advocating for the criminal use of firearms.

2.As with any number - show the source (just like the 97% of scientist claim there is a climate issue) but when the actual number study is presented it was a group of scientist at a single conference from where that number came from

3.Magazine - clip, who gives a fukk, got the nerdy chip off your shoulder or the gun snob mentality - because in their end it establishes the same thing. We should be simply stating the difference between hi-cap versus standard issue or as supplied by the manufacturer - a 17 or 20 round magazine for a pistol is not Hi-cap if that is what was original designed for the firearm. Same for a rifle - if it was designed with a detachable 30 round magazine than that is not an Hi-cap Mag for that rifle period.

  1. Who cares - we need to get off the band wagon and start referring to semis as what they are - self loading. If you consider that the term Automatic was a term used to identify a self loading pistol, and at the time rifle or shotgun, repetition is actually the correct term not full auto. our laziness in terms and language has lead to this. When someone say Colt 45, I think cowboy wheel gun and they say Colt Automatic - that’s the 1911. The Auto 5 was a self loading 12 gauge shotgun and I can go on and on. The even the Maxim machine gun never used the term automatic accept to ID the self loading aspect.

6, AR15 are not suitable for hunting simply because of antiquated Fish and Game or Wildlife Management limiting calibres - in some States even what are considered “hunting” calibres are not allowed.

  1. Any firearm is suitable for defense and the argument that needs to be presented is that due to the ergonomics, ease of aiming.lower recoil, sight radius, simplicity of use it in fact better than the common shotgun. Take police out of the equations because the average non gun owner equates training = police. I can hand a self loading rifle to a non shooter and with the minimal instruction that person can put the majority of the magazine into the center of mass at “defensive” ranges. A pistol not so much and shotgun unless it was a deliberated aimed shot not a chance.

there is some strange formatting going on but worry about the message not the aesthetic.


All of this is true for their viewership because we do not have counter opinions in the audience they speak too.