Top 5 Pistols to have in a gunfight, What do you think?


Hey all,

Thought I would start this off with a discussion on what everyone thought of a blog post I created. It’s my opinion on the pistols that if in a fire fight I would want to have. It can be found at the following link:

The OP Blog - Top 5 Go to war Pistols

What does everyone think of the pistols and the order they are in? These obviously do not include the new 2017 pistols coming out soon like the Hudson9 and Silencerco Maxim9.


I think the list provided is perfectly fine, and not too radical.

My own list is:

  1. Walther PPQ
  2. Glock 19/17
  3. HK USP .45
  4. SIG P226
  5. Beretta 92

I love the 1911 platform and badly want to add it to my list. It has about the perfect ergonomics for me, and my 1911 is my most accurate pistol. But the 1911’s smaller mag capacity and the fact that it is less reliable than many other pistols knocks it off the list. (Yes, high end 1911s can be super reliable, but for half the price or less we can find an off-the-shelf Glock, HK, or SIG that can take heavy abuse and carry double the ammunition.)


The 1911 was something I mentally debated for a while on to add to the list. In reality there are so many other great pistols out there. The 1911 was one of my first loves, was very accurate, and Its been around for over 100 years now for a reason. Hadn’t considered the Walther PPQ before, it may be a viable option.


Beretta 92
Beretta 96
CZ 75
CZ 75 in 40


Top 5 pistols to have in a gun fight?

  1. the one you have on you
  2. the one next to you
  3. the one you can score hits with
  4. not too much gun
  5. not too little gun


  1. Glock 19
  2. Glock 19
  3. Glock 19
  4. Glock 19
  5. Glock 19

^ Im that guy.


CZ 75

In that order.


Whatever you’re proficient with and have on you when you need it. My everyday carry, HK USP. Other than that you can’t go wrong with 1911A1, SIG 226, any Glock or for that matter a AR pistol.


LH9N MKII or WC Protector 45

Runners up in no particular order would be PX4 Storm, P10C, Stryk B.


G42 + PPK as backup :slight_smile:


1 CZ p-07
2 CZ p01
3 sig p320
4 Wilson combat 45
5 G19

  1. M45 (MEU/SOC 1911 Variant)
  2. Sig Sauer P227
  3. Sig Sauer P226
  4. Glock 17 Gen4
  5. HK45

  1. H&K VP9
  2. Sig Sauer P320
  3. Springfield TRP Operator (hate the name of the pistol, but it’s a great shooterl)
  4. Glock 19
  5. Beretta 92G

A revolver would be in this list because they’re usually very well made and reliable firearms whether you have a S&W, Ruger, Colt, etc. I just prefer the ease and speed of a reload of a semi-auto.


You are entitled to your opinion, but that’s a pretty boring list. Do you really only trust one gun brand and one gun brand only? Have you tried other pistols in DA/SA semi-auto’s or revolvers?


You are all playing fair with those choices , two tech 9s


I’m there to survive the gunfight , not have a pretty 1911 in my dead hand


My top 5 are:

  1. Mega Arms AR custom, Adam Arms gas piston system, 7.5" barrel, Fostech binary trigger, and Law Tactical folding adapter w/Sig arm brace.
  2. Arsenal SAM7K-01 7.62X39 w/folding buffer tube & Sig arm brace.
  3. CZ SP-01 Phantom
  4. CZ 97
  5. Arsenal Strike One


Had the original author stated handguns instead of pistols, I would have add one or two revolvers to that list.

Like you, I believe revolvers are inherently more reliable and accurate then semiautomatic. I also prefer autos only because of the thin profile, high capacity and ease of reloading in comparison to a revolver.


I see we have a pedant here.


  1. Why not the P-10C? It has a much better stock trigger whereas the Phantom needs work.
  2. Why nothing Wilson or a USP, or perhaps a Glock 21? The 97 doesn’t like hollow points.
  3. You mean the Stryk B?