Top 5 Pistols to have in a gunfight, What do you think?


First of all, I own all five of what I’m about to name. And more. The problem is that I love them all so it’s very hard to number.

  1. HK USP 45ACP Full size
  2. Sig Sauer P229 40S&W
  3. HK P30sk
  4. Glock 19
  5. IWI Jericho 941 40S&W


Glock 20 10mm
Beretta M9 (I like my brother’s itlaian surplus 92FS)
Any .357 revolver
Glock 17 in 9mm
And because i’m a 1911 fan boy, an M45A1


Kari cw45 my etc or Springfield loaded 1911 but only until I can get to my AR.


I’m curious what you guys think. If you know you re going into a firefight and you don’t need to conceal your handgun, why not go with a CZ shadow 2 or Tac Sport or an open class race gun?


The majority of pistols I see being listed are just plain too big. Useless you are in the military, law enforcement or regularly open carry, full size or even compact service pistols are not going to be carried by most.

I know Tim and other skinny guys can appendix carry compact double stacks, but the reality for many, is they either leave their “Carry Gun” in the truck or at home. Some realize very quickly that a smaller gun on you everyday, is a better solution.

The old standard for carry semi-auto was the Walther PPK or for revolvers, a Smith & Wesson J-Frame. Even today, these are good choices, with the exception of weight and perhaps size.

There are good reasons why Ruger sells a lot LCR’s and the Glock 42/43 also sell well, as do similar offering by other companies like Smith and Kahr.

So in answer to your question, the “Best Pistol” to have on a gunfight is a “Rifle”, period.
If you don’t have a rifle at hand, then the answer is whatever is in your pocket or holster, period.

Having a gun, on your person at all times, trumps all other considerations. The answer is going to vary depending on the person, as everyone is different. A wise person would travel to a shooting range that offers rentals and pay to shoot a bunch before you buy. Get a gun that YOU can shoot well and that is comfortable to carry everyday. Take some CCW classes that include shooting from the draw, etc.

I know this is isn’t as cool as a top 5 list, but it is the truth. If you carry a gun sometimes or often or mostly, you are not doing it right. If you carry, carry every single day. No one knows when the wolf will come, so be prepared.


DW 1911 Specialist 9x19

Sig Sauer P226 Legion 9x19
Beretta 92FS Wilson Combat
DW 1911 Discretion 9x19
BUL SAS II Carry 9x19


My personal answer for this is Glock 17 due to my trigger time, but for obvious reasons I will do a more true to life answer… In my opinion of course!

  1. HK MARK 23
  2. Beretta M9A3 as long as it is a G model
  3. Sig TAC OPS
  4. FNH Five Seven
  5. CZ SP-01 Tactical

Knowing full well that this is only till I get to a rifle, mine or one on the ground.


1-Glock 17
2-Glock 19
3-Glock 41
4-Browning Hi Power
5-Hi Power clone (FEG, Arcus)

I know some of these are on the larger size, but the question was top 5 to have in a gunfight…not concealed carry. Although I do find that both the G19 and Hi Power work well for me in a CC role as well.
I have to give an honorable mention to the Kahr CW9 as the ideal carry pistol for comfort, reliability and accuracy. It didn’t make my list because of it’s limited capacity.


FYI, while I’m not a Glock guy and I personally hate the triggers I would want one as a 6th option (G17 or G19 will do) because of their durability and reliability. And because even as a steel frame guy I can appreciate the polymer stuff.

  1. M1911
  2. Star BM
  3. Walther PPQ 9mm
  4. Any .38sp/.357 snubnose revolver
  5. BFR .45-70, because, reasons


How do you like the Arcus compared to the Hi power? I was very interested when they came out but didn’t want to find out the hard way. how is the accuracy?


I’m a 1911 kind of guy but a few years ago moved to striker fired guns for the capacity because the threat has changed. In no particular order and it all depends on what the threat is:

Kimber BP 10II 1911
Kimber ultra 10II
Browning P-35
Walther PPQ
S&W M&P 9c


Switchpod, in reply to your questions:
I really like the Arcus 94. Good reliable shooter, combat accurate…not a bullseye shooter, but definitely acceptable for its purpose. Not as refined as the Browning, but better than I expected. Mine has quite a bit of wear, loose slide to frame fitment…but like an AK it will shoot all day with no issues. Most parts are interchangeable with the Hi Power, but both the slide and frame are slightly longer. I actually really love the gun, especially for the price.


Thank you for the feedback. I don’t know anyone that has one, and have never even seen one. Now I gotta shoot one!


For self defense situations, the choice of gun is the least of it.
Get training for both shooting and for surviving self defense situations, two very different skill sets.


I wouldn’t bother with anything post-2004 SIG Sauer. Anything SIG that predates Ron Cohen taking over as CEO is good to go in my book.


Taurus Judge at arms length engagement to 15 feet…a face full of BB’s followed by a couple slugs should deter about anyone.
the other four would be anything above 380…


I would agree. I would say if someone loves the hi power, get one as a safe queen/range toy and a Arcus 94 to carry.


That is a valid reply and I agree completely with you, but it is a reply to a different thread.


So the BFR chambered in .45-70 isn’t enough for you? :wink:


To each their own. I love the look of the BFR mostly because it resembles more of an SAA style rather than a more modern S&W style.