Top 5 Pistols to have in a gunfight, What do you think?


to lyring:
Can’t help myself sometimes.
Lots of talk about buying stuff, and too little about how to use stuff.
I figure if I nag about it enough, at least some folks might get motivated.
And don’t even get me started about how people drive cars.


Can’t think of 5, so I’ll take my 45acp 1911, shitload of mags(and a few hand gernades):sunglasses:


The one you train with the most or shoot the best. Personaly it would be my 1911 because I shoot it every week rain or shine.


Why the hate on the 1911? It is the greatest fighting handgun ever devised since the old .45 Colt SA. You don’t need a 20 round magazine if you can’t shoot in the first place. It doesn’t matter how much lead you throw if you can’t hit anything. The 1911 is a grand weapon as long as you don’t try to turn it into a camel with every useless accessory available.


Glad to see another Old Conservative Fart! Personally, I think a rail does not belong on a 1911. The 1911 should be pure, clean and classic. At least esthetically.


You sir are goddamned right! And I also agree with the rest of your post as well. I make the same argument about carrying my Star BM with a co-worker who’s a typical Glock snob. Not a typical Glock owner, but one of those anti-steel frame snobs. In the end I left the conversation a winner with the statement of: shot placement > round count

Oh yea, don’t to put a rail on a 1911… There are other great handguns with rails to choose from. Don’t ruin the classics. But I respect anyone who buys said railed up 1911 because they are still on our side.


Exactly. To each their own.


@g.willikers I know where you are coming from: I have seen a brand new Corvette get owned by a 80s Dodge Shadow (!) in a racetrack (lots of turns and one short straight. Vette became a lawnmower) because of the drivers’ skills. Someone said before racing (excluding drag racing) is 80% driver and 20% gear.


1.) Crap - I’m in a gunfight and I only have a pistol.
2.) 95% of the time the only pistol I have on me is my S&W M&P 9 Shield.
3.) Boy, I sure wish I had a shotgun with #4 Buckshot.
4.) At least I have a spare magazine with the maximum allowed 10 rounds.
5.) If I live through this I’m sure glad that 95% of the time I carried my Shield with MagGuts and a spare for 20 rounds total. And I hope Emperor Cuomo rots in hell for limiting me to 10 rounds in a magazine but the “bad guys” can use anything they like.


Did you go from DA to SA all the time or directly to SA from drawing? A lot of people find the DA pull to be long and heavy, I agree it’s on the heavy side but I find the SA to be excellent. But of course YMMV.


The best thing to carry in a pistol gunfight is a rifle. If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying. :smiley:

  1. Sig SP2022
  2. Sig P320
  3. Springfield XD/ XD Mod.2
  4. Sig P226/9
  5. S&W 686

I prefer .40 for carry, 9mm for comp, and .357 for weirdness. Carry as much of the biggest round you can. And then carry a spare mag. Carrying .45 GAP and a spare mag will always be better then 9mm and no extra. Then carry a tourniquet, because magazines don’t pack wounds too well. Finally, y’all can take your M9s and chuck 'em.



Finally, y’all can take your M9s and chuck 'em.

I’m with you on this one. Carried it for years. Never cared for the dang thing. Actually had to pull it ONCE on someone. Glad I didn’t have to use it.


Whats the issue with it?


Ergonomics and that decocker. I don’t want a DA pull my first shot. I know, I know. Training eliminates that, but it’s personal preference. I think there are better platforms out there and it’s outdated.


It’s heavy, cumbersome (to me, as I always tend to ride the slide release, but I know people with smaller hands who say it’s just too big), I don’t want a manual safety, and I’ve seen as many locking block failures (catasrophic failures that result in the slide being frozen) as I’ve been to the range in the past year (which isn’t a lot, but a 1/1 ratio doesn’t instill confidence). It’s just a big boat anchor. People always praise the M9 for being accurate and reliable with a good trigger, but accuracy is mostly up to the shooter nowadays, I’ve seen glocks with thousands of rounds through them (and no weak points in the locking mechanisms) and for all the one’s i’ve been issued, the trigger is “good” at best. Maybe if I wasn’t issued an old one, I would like it more, but even then, if I had to choose between a new M9A3 and a new modern pistol of similar value, I would choose the one without the needlessly complex mechanisms that are a holdover from the 80s.


I don’t have a list but I got to shoot the Desert Eagle .50 AE for the first time today! It was awesome!!


Thats alot of gun. What did you think of it?


I loved it. I did borrow a baseball hat and had it pulled down as far as my eye pro would allow because I had seen the videos of everyone getting hit in the face with the ejected casings. I shot 4 rounds and got them all on target at 25 feet. You can’t help but laugh from the sheer adrenaline of it. I’ve only been shooting a few months so I was happy. It is very accurate. I’m glad my husband was standing behind me for the first shot because it almost knocked me over. I think he was expecting that :smiley: I will shoot it again if I get a chance. I’ll have to start keeping a hat in my gun bag :smiley:

I would not recommend it for someone without a strong grip or if they have weak wrists. It’s like a mini canon.