Top 5 Pistols to have in a gunfight, What do you think?


In no particular order;
Sig Sauer P229R
Sig Sauer P226R
Glock G19 or G17 or 19X Gen 4 or newer
Glock G20 Gen 4
Beretta 92 G model

Oh wait… that’s more than 5… :rofl:
But it is that… there are some Glocks I hate… grip size is a big factor for me. At least everyone knows what I usually carry now. Hahahahhaa


How do you know what kind of gunfight you may end up in ? maybe one round will be enough and maybe 8 will be 3 too few ? maybe 17 will be just right ? being able to shoot and being shot at are two different things…may Military engagements and Police fire fights happen where 1 to 100 rounds are shot and no one gets hit…once the adrenaline is flowing things get crazy…I would always rather have too many rounds than not enough…plenty of people talk a lot about only needing one round because they can shoot, most of those people don’t live long in a gunfight…too many stats and videos of LE encounters prove being able to shoot is pretty meaningless when rounds are flying at you…it’s all fun and games until someone is firing a gun at you…I have enough experience Military wise to know the best shooters in a gunfight fire a lot of rounds and never hit anything…don’t get into your head that you will make that shot when you need too because you feel you can shoot…big mistake…


Thus, I like high capacity weapons.


My personal beliefs for a “combat handgun” has multiple facets:(In no particular order)

  1. Minimum 9mm, but larger is better
  2. Minimum 15 rounds of capacity, but more is always better
  3. semi-automatic
  4. magazine fed (for those that think a Mateba Unica is a combat pistol)
  5. Striker > Hammer, but not a definitive rule out
  6. 5" to 6" Barrel
  7. Ability to mount a weapon light
  8. Ability to mount a MRDS with cowitness iron sights
  9. Ability to mount a laser (because three optics is always superior to two)
  10. NO MANUAL SAFETY LEVER/SWITCH (trigger/grip safety is ok-ish)

That reduces my personal picks to just a handful of pistols

  1. Glock G41 MOS - Fits every mark, and a +4 mag extension gives 17+1
  2. FNH FNX-45 Tactical - If this pistol was JUST a decocker and no safety, it would be #1
  3. Sig P226 series (any cal) - This gun is a tank and reliable as all hell. I carried the .40cal on duty for over a decade.
  4. Glock G34/G35 MOS - Why would I go to combat with a smaller Glock if these are available?

Personally, having owned one, I think the 5.7 is one of the most over rated pistol on the market. Especially as a combat pistol. Great in concept but piss poor in the application. I’m tempted to buy another, but only because I enjoyed owning it. It would never be my “go to” pistol. Not even with 30 round magazines.


If the FN 5.7 wasn’t stupid priced I would own one. But come on… a $400 priced at $1300.00 yeah… 100% retarded