Top 5 underated guns.


To me its

  1. L85
  2. Steyr Aug
  3. Dan Wesson revolvers
  4. x95
  5. Beretta 92/m9

#1 AUG
#2 Beretta 92 and the Storm
#3 Styer M9
#4 Mossberg 590
#5 FAL (DSA Clone in production)


Oh and as a mention… the IWI line of weapons should be in #5… with the FAL in #6


1: hi point glock40 problemsolver

  1. Star BM, duh
  2. Canik TP9 series, greatest value for the dollar for tupperware pistols
  3. Ithaca model 37 (especially featherlight and ultra featherlight), best shotgun ever
  4. Sarsilmaz Mega 2000, god I want one. Such a quality and sweet shooting piece
  5. PS90, yes that’s right, a PS90. There I said it. Deal with it.

I love my P90


Dude, cannot believe you listed the L85 as underrated? Underrated as not sucking more than it already does, LOL.

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Hmmmm, almost too many to mention.

  1. SKS. Handy, light, reliable, and actually pretty damn accurate.

  2. Beretta Storm

  3. New production FALs

  4. S&W line of ARs

  5. Finally, Mossberg’s line of bolt guns. Accurate, smooth action and very affordable.


Do they suck? Ive never even seen one. I just think the design and looks are neat. It seems like the Brits are pretty content with newer variations though.


Guess it is time for my list…
Sorry youngins but I am an old warhorse and prefer them.

  1. HK-91
  2. Mauser rifles 96-98
  3. Cobray M11/Nine
  4. 1911
  5. SKS

The HK91 is definitely underated, everyone wants a FAL and everytime someone mentions a PTR91 they bring up the FAL…even I just did it :hushed:


FAL fans should see the mud test between the HK and FAL that InRange did.
FAL failed miserably.
Iain McCallum likes the HK as well.
Just not in the dress the military models are in.

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Number one has got to be the Beretta PX4 Storm. It gets very little love, but is an amazing pistol.


The A1 and A2 versions are a disaster. Supposedly the A3 version is fixed (thanks to HK from what I hear).

Bottom line, the Brits now cannot design and make a dependable service weapon to save their life.


Lol what firearm companies are even British?


There is no A1.
Here are the models:

  • HK91A2 : Fixed stock and semi-auto “SE” or “0-1” trigger group.
  • HK91A3 : Retractable 1-position stock and semi-auto “SE” or “0-1” trigger group.
  • HK91A4 : Fixed stock, semi-auto “SE” or “0-1” trigger group and Select Polygonal Bore.
  • HK91A5 : Retractable 1-position stock, semi-auto “SE” or “0-1” trigger group and Select Polygonal Bore.

I own an HK91A4 and it is heavy and the trigger is hard to pull.
But surprisingly easy to carry.
Keep in mind that this is not an assault rifle but a battle rifle.
Heavy trigger is because raw recruits will be handed this.
A disaster???
81 countries still use the G3 and 11 Former users.
And the Navy Seals still call upon it for operations as well.
Disaster I think not.

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He was talking to me, I think. I was talking about the L85 (British Bullpup).


the SA80 when it was still a 4.5 was pretty good but the moment it was rechambered as 5.56 NATO and the L85 it became a semi-jamomatic, and wasn’t until they gave it to the Germans (H&K) to fix did it become a viable fighting weapon.
The SUSAT sucks but than I am more used to a Elcan or Aimpoint.


JF89 and I were discussing the L85. Really not sure why you interjected to defend the HK91 as that weapon was never mentioned.