Top Dem Jeffries Defends Sanctuary Policies in Wake of Officer Death


California police not allowed to turn arrested illegal aliens over to federal immigration authorities, leading to murders (allegedly) committed by illegal aliens with a prior arrest record.

Broward county (Florida) officers told to follow a policy where they have to find alternatives to arresting teenagers, in order to improve the statistics on high school students not graduating due to being in jail, leading to a school shooting where the shooter had been reported by the school administration as a danger, reported by the officer assigned to the school as a danger, police called to his home numerous times, and state social services had interviewed him to determine his mental health risk.

Chicago… Sorry, I don’t feel like writing a 20 page thesis.


This is a dramatic example used by @JPN on why many of us do not willingly choose to reside in “sanctuary” areas. Those rules place many good people in harm’s way with no acceptable way to protect their interests. This seems to be a cornerstone of Democratic/Liberal philosophy espoused by Bloomberg and Soros.