Top Referrers Competition


At least once a week we update “The List”


You get on the list by posting a link from any forum post.

And that is done using the little chain icon and then copy/paste the link anywhere around the web


One of the best choices would likely be this one ( Member Approved Channels ) as many people want to know about posting videos


The details/important part of the link is making sure your user name appears at the end (in lower case)

so a quick cheat is to copy this and add your name (test first)

Now, no promises


We have FULL30 swag plans for the future, “perhaps” when they are released the top referrer at that time can get something special…

Plan2Survive Community

You guys will never catch me, never I say. :racing_car:

Try try as hard as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the Full30 referrer man. Kiss my brass. :sunglasses:


Is this a challenge???


It is now, good luck.


You started out with a pretty good lead. Let’s see what happens!


Someone needs to keep me honest.


Maybe it should reset monthly.
@Tactical_Reviews started out like the hare. But we all know the tortoise wins.


I’m not sure if that’s a life time total or monthly.


I think it’s life time. I know I haven’t linked 5 things in one month. :flushed:. My god man, I’m only human.


I think it’s how many times that link was clicked, not how many times you posted a link.


Here’s a list I’ve not seen change and was full of dated topics

until I looked today

Super impressed!


Its a full out brawl!


Holy Crap. @Tactical_Reviews is killing me. :astonished:


Holy crap, @ThisOldGun is hot on my heals.


meh, the real action is the neck & neck between @mquinn55 & @LonewolfMcQuade :racing_car::racing_car:


He doesn’t have your arsenal though…

Baam, TR strong nipping at their heels!


He has me outgunned on the social media front.


More like the anti-social media front.


I will have to join this showdown. :sunglasses:


Meh. Couldn’t be bothered to “compete”. If I knew this was a thing when I started I’d rule this “competition”. Pfft…


Hmm. :roll_eyes: