Top Referrers Competition


Two new contenders!!

:racing_car: @switchpod :racing_car: @mquinn55

And an even 16k for the king :crown:


I made it! I made it!
… no clue how…


How’d I go backwards?


Its a 30 day list, they drop off, thats how two went up

either that or two fell in a :hole:




Well Ruger responded so that was one of my clicks.


uh-oh :shushing_face:


I’m falling off a bit people. Now’s your chance to catch up.


Yeah, that will be easy…


It’s only a 30 day list.


Yeah people! It’ll be a piece of cake to catch up and surpass tactical reviews! All we need is a Little Help from maybe Nick? All Nick has to do is Ban TR from the Forum for about 2 years that allow everyone else to catch up!


I looked today


But not sure what I’m seeing

1 day ago


Do what?! I havent been participating in this competition long enough to be dropping off yet.


All you did is drop off. I disappeared!!! :ghost:


I don’t make the list, just saying







Is it possible to get the clicks broken down by source?
For me personally I would like to know which is doing more - full30 or facebook.


I’ll get back to you