Top Referrers Competition


I did make some progress on a report program, it was exhaustive (way to much detail) and I want to try and figure out how to tune it before handing it out

in the meanwhile

@Tactical_Reviews has really been coasting, my concern is what has he been doing and does it relate to the disappearance of @ThisOldGun and his sidekick?


I am thinking most of the clicks are from Facebook. However Facebook posts are showing much lower numbers of clicks and engagements and I have no idea how and what they count.


Sadly, I was in the ER Thursday night, complication from surgery the week before. I haven’t been in my studio in several days and just not been able to be very active. Starting to feel a little better.


Mosinvirus is about 10 minutes away from accusing you of Russian collusion. Lol


Glad you are feeling better. May your recovery be speedy and complete.


Ничего подобного. У меня все под контролем.


So youre part of the Russian collusion? This just keeps getting deeper and deeper…


Yeah, Trump, Putin and I go way back…


mosinvirus = russian cyber attack lol


Our vacation is almost over?

J/K get well soon!


Hope you’re OK - feel better soon.



Looks like the race to watch right now is between members @switchpod and @Robert.


You plan on a lot of naps?


It’s the closest race😎


@EQuinn is hot on my heels too


@EQuinn is closing the gap, you will have to work harder to maintain your lead captain🤔


I would, but I don’t even know how I got all these hits in the first place we must have a lot of members that never post but use the links.


My thoughts exactly. I would want to know how many of those visits result in signups.