Top Referrers Competition


That’s badass… I don’t know what it means… but it’s still cool to be on a list that’s not the “shit list”… Which I’m sure I’m on as well.

Is this the traffic that comes from my site to Full30?

I want to see the list of how many people click off Full30 to return to PornHub…


That it is :sunglasses:


I will try to remember to post links when I borrow content. :grin:







How in the heck am I still getting clicks? I’ve been a ghost around here!


Did you see the thread in the Launge? Where have you been? Glad to see you checking in.


Thanks brother! I’m well. I think everyone forgot about that sabbatical I was going to take while I remodeled my house. I made sure to let everyone- especially Robert know. House is looking good so far by the way!



Hey I am still on the list!!!


Fu#☆ it! I’m no longer in the top 10 so I am changing direction and I am shooting for dead last place on the list! I am going to be at the top of the bottom of the list! So :stuck_out_tongue:
( great job all, keep up the good work!)


How’s that list doing? I’ve been actively trying to get some more content out there and to drive some more traffic our way.



Woo hoo! Look at them clicks!!! Thanks @Robert. Glad to see those ‘gunimations’ haven’t gone unnoticed.


He’s back!

Way to drum up the click’s Brother!






Congratulations! @ThisOldGun!!! Hard work pays off Brother! Way to go WooHoo!!!