Top Referrers Competition


He thinks we have short memories, he was beating @ThisOldGun :scream:





Look who just got their doors blown off!!!



Dang it, that will not stand.


He must be offering up part of his winnings…

26 hours ago


Damn! Great effort fellows, (& whatever that other thing is)


It’s a two horse race.


Great, now I have to work harder. I blame being in the studio all day. I think I’m on my 20th+ video uploaded to Full30. Still need to schedule them all perhaps 2 a day. No need to flood it.


You should do a video, rally up the troops, give them this link to pass around the net on your behalf,

offer a prime time interview on your channel to the winner :movie_camera:


Woah!!! Unexpected!!! When does it end/restart?


Should we place bets?


@Robert What are the winnings by the way?


Oh man in your face. I clobbered you this time. You have no hope of redemption. I got you beat by over 0.9 clicks.

Silence! Bow before me.

(Think I’m a bad winner? Just wait til I lose.)


Right now you are only in the lead, when FULL30 swag hits the market I suspect the leader at that time might get a goody

But it doesnt end, so someone who’s not even on the track right now could cause an upset

Or Tactical_Reviews might get that winning video posted…


Lmfao, I expected as much from a left coaster…


We have a new producer who should start to show up soon

@TheRogueBanshee s latest video on FULL30

Thank you!


Sounds like a pretty vague endgame to me. I’ll keep playing along though. Just because I like this forum.



Thats just the attitude Tactical_Reviews needs to take the lead back :racing_car::racing_car:


oh oh, wait, looks like he’s loosing steam

forgot his user identity tag

Its too close to call folks


Ack, none of my videos have that. Great, now I need to change them all.


I think I have an awesome attitude. :grinning: