Top Referrers Competition


Yeah? Where’d you bury your friend?

I’d like to ask him what he thinks of your attitude…:ghost:


He’s on vacation in the garage with his other friend.


Sorry dude…


Figured it would be nice to give back. Plus I enjoy being here. I have never laughed so damn hard on Forum posts before.

Still cant get that unicorn picture out of my head though.


Sadly, they don’t let it die, and it keep returning, like heartburn :weary:


I’m thinking we need a live feed



@ThisOldGun KILLING it now.


Well, I’m letting him win. :smirk: for now.



L :eye::eye:K

at all the upsets taking place!



Looks like this race is getting interesting. Who will crack 1000 first.


I can tell you who won’t crack 1000! Me! You damn over achievers!


We all need to set goals, meet them, and set new ones.


I could write a script real quick and break 10,000 before the day’s end…


Hmm, if it brings people in. :thinking:


If by people, you mean bot pageviews… then yes!


I don’t think we need or want bots.


No, nor do we want the server to be blacklisted or added to spam lists

just have fun :smile:


But writing scripts is fun…


But your powers must be used for good, not evil.


@Tactical_Reviews That’s not that far of a gap. I fear you may overtake me.