Top Referrers Competition


If I do I do. The competition is fun, Judy makes us both try harder. We just need more involved.

Who am I fooling, the rest are weak, no chance what so ever. :sunglasses:


I’m really having a lot of fun with it! Must try harder…


Can I vote for myself?



read how here


My brain :brain: struggles with todays numbers… :1234:

Aside from the giants in the game, which may require a congressional investigation :mag: to determine their methods and success

The newcomer @EQuinn has toppled my hightower :tokyo_tower:

and @LonewolfMcQuade heard the warcry and let the hounds loose :dog2:

@Mister_Torgue 's plan to link from the inside shows he is a contender :boxing_glove:

and @mquinn55 it seems @MaryB took advantage of your day off :rofl:

And LOL, @Mosinvirus doesn’t even seem to know he’s made the list,

And last but no means least, @suppressednation who’s number of clicks may be equaled by his number of forum invitees deserves a full out applause :clap:




Congressional investigation…? :yum:


It’s all I can think of when I hear that phrase- and I have a strong desire to wipe that smug look off her face.


Since we are all on the same team I figured I would share part of my secret for promoting outside clicks. ThisOldGhost has a secret Twitter account!!


All is well now


Wow, the Mepro sight post worked out good. I will call that test a success.


I don’t have sound to listen but just checked it out,

whats the secret souce?

image views

image clicks

And how do we get this guy to join with his view #'s ?


A little broad but here are some metrics for traffic sources

Same period referred topics


I might join just to get on his feed :rofl::rofl::rofl:

can you link it?

Can you guys link all your secret sources?


What I did is share a new video here, then I shared that post on social media. That brought in traffic here, and to my video.


I’m just trying to understand here cuz maybe I’m confused. The 781 view total is just that, views of the video. And the 771 click count is clicks to the forum.
So all but 10 people that viewed the video also clicked the link to the forums?
If that’s true that impressive.
Back when I worked with (not in) the marketing group at Toshiba a 15% click rate from an add or offer was considered great.


I call Shenanigans! Russian Bots or something is at play here! I declare grounds for an internal investigation!


So who’s head of the FBI (Full30 Bureau of Investigation)?



@mquinn55 I’m lucky if I get one click out of 30 views on Twitter.


ThisOldGhost’s Twitter is pretty boring. Usually just a repost under a different hashtag whenever I have a spare moment.