Top Referrers Competition



Well… s#%*. I got my butt handed to me. Congratulations @Tactical_Reviews!


IDK how you haven’t packed up and left town with all the money that was placed on you winning this :scream:


We’ve got Mueller on stand-by to find out if there was any :monkey: :play_or_pause_button:


I missed out on betting?!?!? Dang. No monkey business, just a three pronged social media campaign.

Expect my numbers to drop. I can’t keep up with the time that is demanded of getting clicks from Twitter and Youtube. Why don’t I have the time you say? Because the house I’m remodeling… well… I found yuck. I’ll be more active again once I get the remodel done.


Murphy lives with you, too huh? Man that asshole gets around. He’s been plaguing us all weekend.


Is that why the other half is MIA?


He’s a regular visitor. He loves us so much he even moved with us!


Yeah, just a bit busy today.


How’s he doing anything right without you there to tell him how?:joy:



Yikes, I better slow down.


I was thinking about clipping you from future screenshots and rewriting the contest rules and adding:

Exclusions from Eligibility. Employees of FULL30, any Moderator, or their respective parents, subsidiaries, affiliates, partners, suppliers, or advertising or promotional agencies (including without limitation any Judges who are employees of Sponsor, or any of their respective parents, Tactical_Reviews, (subsidiaries,second accounts or affiliates), as well as members of their households or their immediate families (i.e., spouses, parents and children), may submit entries in the Contest, but any such entries are for information and entertainment purposes only and are not eligible to be considered for the purpose of selecting finalists or winners. Judges who are not employees of FULL30, or any of their respective parents, subsidiaries, or affiliates, are not eligible to enter or win, nor are members of their households or their immediate families (i.e., spouses, parents and children). Notwithstanding the foregoing, FULL30 shall have no liability to any entrant or any other person in the event that FULL30 inadvertently awards a prize to any non-eligible person(s). In addition, each entrant acknowledges and accepts that FULL30 may be prohibited by applicable law from permitting entry by or awarding a prize to any person falling into one or more of the following prohibited categories: (a) a national or resident of Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Sudan, Syria or any other country for which trade with the United States has been prohibited or restricted by any statute, regulation, order, rule, treaty, or other law of the United States or any other applicable jurisdiction in any manner that would prevent the awarding or delivery of any prize to the entrant; (b) a person on the U.S. Table of Denial Orders, Entity List, List of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, or any other similar list of any applicable jurisdiction, or any person affiliated with any person or entity on any such list; © an official or representative of any foreign government; or (d) any other person to whom the awarding or delivery of any prize would violate any applicable statute, regulation, order, rule, treaty, or other law or any of [FULL30 policies]If an entrant falls into any of the above prohibited categories, such entrant is not eligible to win any prizes.


Dang, you typed all that just for me?


In all seriousness, I’m not doing anything special. I simply use the share link that’s on every thread and post. Start a thread, and share the link, it’s that simple. Why start a conversation on several platforms when you can start one here and share the link.


Lmao :joy:.
And it just might hold up in court.



C’mon guys lets get him!


Ya, lets get him, wait.


I watched @brianpurkiss 's video on dry firing with a timer and noted his forum invite…

Wondered why I haven’t seen him on the list…

well guess what…


Oh, hey, I am on the list!!!
And I am #1 in the Topics Column according to the latest screenshot!!!


When you post up your videos here, just use the share link on that post and share it on twitter and facebook. I then share the post on facebook in groups I follow. Brings people here, gets people to your video, wins all around.