Top Referrers Competition


I am actually updating my one post with the lineup. Don’t want to be hogging up threads.


Just spread them out. I believe it’s better to have one per thread, I think the spiders do a better job with that, but Robert would know better.


Here is what I have been doing. See post 1


That question was 6 days ago


Any bets on what day @Tactical_Reviews hits 20k anyone?

FULL30 Pool :money_mouth_face:


I have one video scheduled every day for two plus weeks. Each video is posted and shared on my other social media pages and groups. Seems to be working.


Wouldn’t it be more meaningful to know how many people became forum members as result of visiting via a shared link?

…says the guy lower on the list…


We are getting a slow trickle of new members. Activity attracts the spiders


In case anyone noticed I gave up and my experiment failed miserably.


It’s witchcraft haha


alright everyone,

Tactical_Reviews has a tactical advantage, its time to team up,

he certainly feels safe and secure

Lets change the way we view this…


I just heard there is an anonymous source offering $10,000 to anyone that can hack and delete tactical reviews stats… and a $20,000 bonus if you can sneak into his house and glue his keyboard. Just rumors at this time.


You guys are cute. :sunglasses:


Congratulations @ThisOldGun 1k clicks…

House must be getting repaired ok?



Woo hoo! I guess that’s residual interest and clicks. I haven’t been campaigning like I was. No, the house is not fixed yet. :frowning_face: I’m working on it every spare moment I have.


WTH @EQuinn ?

2 to my 20 and still beating me?



In case you didnt know @Robert, youre getting spanked by a girl! (Im sure its not the 1st time)


Quality, not quantity.


image :thinking::face_with_raised_eyebrow::neutral_face::expressionless::no_mouth::roll_eyes:


I’m still figuring this out. I have one link I’ve been posting. The only reason there’s two topics is one was an accident.

And I haven’t done anything in the last few days.

I’m just targeting the right people I guess.

The question is are they joining?


Numbers are up last 30 days and down the last 7