Top Referrers Competition




Nice Job TR :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


10K is in my sights.


Next Monday?


I’ll try.


OK, I’m about done for the day. Edited 5 older videos. Four are on my channel and scheduled to be published next week. The fifth one I put in to the community channel, In just two hours or so it’s nearly doubled the total views of that channel. Come one people, we need to start using this more. The reason I put that video there is because it was from back when I was a bit more of an agitator. I have many more videos that I’ll be remastering. Even if you have a channel here, consider using the community channel for those videos that may no longer fit in your channel here.

If you don’t yet have a channel and wish to be considered, let myself, @Robert or @full30nick know.


I can see monday 10k



Hard to say. Today I made up and uploaded 26 videos. Going to schedule them out about one a day. I’ll be in the hospital on Friday so might not get much from me there.


You doing some of those visits to make people feel better with laughs? :clown_face:




Why won’t people click my links :joy::joy::joy: I’m trying to spread the word guys but my numbers have gone flat!


Thats not it…

your clicks just aren’t heard :neutral_face:


Try click bait thumbnails wiIth porn?


now we wait. Bwahahaha


not seeing 10k by tomorrow


I wonder if there’s a prize for second place…?


Woohoo! It worked! Lol


Or 7th?! Lol


Well yeah look at you go!


Dont happen to know where they came from do ya?