Top Referrers Competition


I only see the top 10

and have two conflicting reports


Like I said, I knew I would be a little off this weekend. And I messed up today with my digitrigger post and shared it with a direct link to the video instead of the post here. By the time I noticed, it was too late.



Uh-oh… :open_mouth:

I didn’t stay up to watch till 11:59 but good ole TR may have done it as of yesterday



That video I posted yesterday did really well. I guess a 500 magnum flying past your face will do that.


Do it again!




Steady climbing


I use them a lot. Figured i would give it a shot.


Aww man! Let me know if this happens!


Alright show off give these a whirl


I need to set aside a day and work on contacts again. I’m going to move away from reviews a bit and concentrate on pushing promotions.


Whewww thats a lot of typing for a truck driver lol. I did reach out to academy sports,bass pro shop,gun owners of america,ruger,smith&wesson,and magpul tho






I just sent out a bunch of Emails to AR companies. Hope to pull a few in for my own channel, plus I’m plugging Full30 as advertising options.


Just added a few to my “reach out” list. Cz usa,trijicon,remington,dpms,palmetto state armory,brownells,glock,colt,cheaper than dirt,winchester,speer,xs sights,daniel defense,primary arms,hornady,kimber,sig,meprolight,henry repeating arms,fn america,springfield armory,rock island armory,and chiappa. Ill keep ya updated on who is responding.


Im gunning for him. Give me a year or three.


XS sights are very nice. They sent me a set of flip ups earlier this year.


2 weeks ago


@mquinn55 was knocked off the board…

@gunarchy appears to be the reason …does he have the right stuff to challenge the leader

@EQuinn softens the hurt by breaking 100

@brianpurkiss has climbed quite a few rungs


I welcome the challenge. Best thing people can do is use the share link as much as possible. It doesn’t have to be your own post, it can be any post. Heck, share the link on my posts, just make sure you use the link symbl

It will have your userID on it so you get credit.

So, you want to make the top 10 list? Start sharing links on pages, groups, post them, tweet them. Put them all over anti-social media.

I try to share at least one link every day.


Well months ago I dumped FB and twitter due to ideological differences. That, coupled with not being a content creator leaves me out of the “competition.”

But I’m fine with that. Carry on.