Top Referrers Competition


It compounds when people share the link you shared too. I had a bunch of survivalists/preppers start following me and they all shared my links too




Well I just dusted off my Facebook page and posted a link to my video lineup. Lets see if it will have any effect.
I don’t have twitter and Instagram doesn’t let me post links.


Utilize groups you are in, you can share links in them.


Speer replied



WOW…Jedi in the making!



These are the clicks im looking for.



Keep it up buddy.


Tell you what people. I’ll make a deal with you.

First person to pass me up before the end of this year, I will send up something from my big pile of stuff that’s been sent for reviews. Some of these things are a survival coffee grinder, a knife, muzzle brake pistol grip for AR, holster. I’ll let you choose.


I am horrible at social networking. No way I will get even close.


Maybe, but trust me I’m worse than you Brother.



Seems to me with this lead you could offer up one of those rifles on the wall…



Since its a last 30 days chart it seems @ThisOldGun may need to stop fixing his house and fix his clicks :scream:
@mquinn55 took @LonewolfMcQuade of the track :racing_car:

15k clicks, way to go @Tactical_Reviews !


Great work people!


Well done everyone. And thanks @Robert for posting this up each day. I know I for one come to this thread each morning to see the change.


I just hope it doesn’t get this bad for you with the burden of all that success :rofl:


Everyone knows it’s better to push a large head than to pull it.


@Mosinvirus that 3rd link did something


@brianpurkiss pulled away from @EQuinn after the last curve :racing_car:

@LonewolfMcQuade will not be dismissed so easily

Notable the numbers and members on the list a month ago