Don’t blame tribalism blame Marxism which is all about one large tribe that enslaves people.


#7 on that list should be #1 , moral decay of society will bring down the house. Rome rotted from the inside out all the while spreading itself too thin,IMO.

We are pretty much surrendering our beliefs and our traditions for a ​religion/cult that emphasizes evil and pushes for hate and despair (Marxism).

I really think we are worse off than Rome and much more destructive overall.


Awesome video! I loved the story about the Somali who sent his sons to Somalia to fend for themselves when they thought the USA was bad.
There are many divisions in this country that have been exaggerated and exploited primarily by the left to create animosity of one group by another. They may be race, sex, sexual orientation, ancestry, religion or any other number of differences there are among people. But they are all being highlighted to divide this country so that it cannot rise up as one to stand against the coming tyranny.