When the forum was down I tuned in after not watching for a long time, a person can only take so much of the sky falling

Dang it I’m hooked again

So whats new?

  • Illegal aliens are now called refugees and/or migrants
  • There’s a ton of them here and en-route
  • They’ll need food and we’ve recently lost a lot of food processing plants
  • They’ll likely soon become legally employable
  • Then likely become citizens who can vote
  • They’ll be eligible for LEO and Military

So that’s new, but my question is what will the history books … er…wait…

There’s reports, and its difficult to not accept they may be true, that these, what was it, refugees and migrants, that they can buy new guns easier than citizens, that they can get buy now pay later shopping privileges…

Anyhow, what do you all think?

  • Infowars is Bravo Sierra
  • Infowars is calling it correct
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Alex Jones Is hard for me to take . I think and hope he is full of crap .


I feel like sone of what he says is 100% trie like what he said about the Clintons. But alot of what he says has a few strings of truth mixed with a lot of over the top nonsense. Buy now pay later for food. Military service. Citizenship after coming in through incorrect channels . Doubtful.
Mostly :ox::poop:


amazed at how many people get their news from a snake oils salesaman



How did the first sin come about?

But you don’t argue its not news?


Imagine if people could separate personal opinions/feelings in matters like leading a nation and news, Trump would be in office and Infowars would be prime time, of course both require imagination :no_mouth:


But people watch the main stream media and never question the lies and half truths they spread.


a broken clock is at least right twice a day


For instance migration thing is definitely a problem and someone is behind it. I dont think so much Un as I do Democrats themselves. I think they have operative spreading propaganda leaflets and or passing the word that they need to go to The USA.
Does the UN wantto destroy us… Yes they do.
Alex Jones is one of these guys who is talking about stuff we see going on… but its who he extrapolates as the culprit that I question alot of times.


And I will add, it only waits to be seen who is right.
For instance Dems swore the covid shot was harmless, Many conservative minded said something with less than 8 months of testing aint going in my body sounds dangerous despite the fact it changes the way your immune system fights it off.
Well turns out that Conservative minded folks were right. They literallly murdered 100’s of thousands with that shot. I hope every single commie nutjob democrat ran out and took it. I believe it also harms your overall health maybe they will get to physically spent to cause harm. I know Many that took it and now have heart issues . They literally sent death batches to republican strongholds to weaken the vote of Republicans.
All of it and I mean all of it. Was about gaining complete control of the USA government and the laundered money behind it and its All backed by Dems and Commies (like Soros,Gates Sr. Gates Jr. Schwab, GHW Bush and George Bush Jr. ,Clintons,Obamas and many many others )

The Great Narrative by Klaus Schwab

Lets not forget this garbage right here :point_up_2:


Tough to argue, also tough to argue is Trump is good for the nation, he knows business, the nation is a business etc

Why shun a man you don’t like for personal reasons if he’s good for us?, (I’d include you too as its a world economy now)

He’s not christian despite his saying he is, how can he be when he’s never sought forgiveness?

He boasts loving Norman Vincent Peal who was a great pastor, I’ve read his book on positive thinking, Trump declares how great Peal was but somehow missed the message on seeking forgiveness?

Maybe he is bad for the people?

Maybe Peals religion was positive thinking, more of a self god principal?

Maybe that is good for the people?

People need to answer for themselves.

Infowars is the same, people don’t like it for personal reasons, I get it, Jones is very Trumpish , maybe just as Christian, but he does a good job at exposing news.

Jews and Romans were good for Christianity, can Trump and Infowars not be also?

Those are social constructs, what holds those up?

or you could sneak a peek ahead :face_with_peeking_eye:


Of this I never make that statement without personal precise information.
I mean by plainly asking him face to face. And I would if given the opportunity. But God be the only righteous judge there.
Peal …never heard of him.


Like in the video where he was asked and denied?

I first watched the black and white movie about him I’d guess 35 years ago, then bought the book and have gifted it a few times

Gift yourself one then gift it to others, you’ll want to, especially for people who are down



You mean for like …short people like the wee folk ,leprechauns? Or we talking like aboriginal or just regular blokes and sheilas ?


You get this on your local news?


you mean like this


but be aware there is a bit of history between the politician and reporter.


No, that is the media’s view on him because he turns on the light so all those roaches can scatter.

Been watching him for decades now. He does things that are down right stupid. But then he is an entertainer.

Where in the world do you hear this


So much appears on Infowars first I wonder if it would show up anywhere else if it hadn’t.


There are, just not one corporate media site I could find.